Thoughts on the Lost Finale and Faith-Not Really Spoilerish

(EW’s Ken Tucker has a good review of the Finale, pointing out “christian” themes present.)

While risking being a cliche’ emergent, postmod making applications from pop culture to Faith, I am gonna share a thought anyway:

The big debate will rage on about whether the Lost finale was great, adequate, or disappointing.  There are really two groups, though, and they represent two mindsets that we also find in church.

One group wants answers.  They want the mysteries revealed.  They want resolution for the Numbers, infertility, etc. and etc.  This group wasn’t going to be content with anything but answers.

The second group, in which I find myself, became at some point more interested in the characters.  We wanted some closure.  We got a happy, if yet still confusing, ending.  I liked it.  I am content.  I enjoyed it.  I am “moving on” as they characters did.

In my recent faith journey, I have become less interested in answers.  I tired of long, back and forth discussions on Biblical topics about things which are mysteries and God really hasn’t revealed.  I am not certain and yet totally unconcerned about the end times: what exactly happens when we die, until the resurrection, the judgment and eternity.  I honestly don’t care.  It’s gonna be great for the children of God and bad for everyone else.

There is a lot of mystery involved with God, and we don’t like it.  We don’t want Mystery, we want answers. Well, God has given us some answers but there will always remain some mystery, maybe even throughout eternity.

This desire for answers, which is a personality/mentality in many, causes us to create charts and complex doctrines.  Preachers feel obligated to have a response to any question, whether it’s a good, Biblical answer or not.  I prefer to be honest and say, “I really don’t know, it could be either.”

I am losing interest in this way of Faith.  I am not denying Truth, or trying to get away from it.  There are plenty of things plainly revealed in the Word.  But I am learning to become content with some mystery, even ambiguity in my life and my Faith.

I am also reading and studying Ecclesiastes.  Gary Holloway has a great quote in his great book, “You can’t find the Meaning of Life by seeking the Meaning of Life.”  What he means is this: it’s about God.

At the same time I am trying to be more concerned with relationships.  Yeah, it’s a balance.  You can’t sacrifice Truth for the sake of relationships.

Where do you fit in?  Whether as a Lost fan or a Christian?

Are you more concerned in getting answers or in relationships.

Sure, I am making some generalizations, and getting close to stereotypes, but work with me.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Lost Finale and Faith-Not Really Spoilerish

  1. I am with you. I loved the ending…I knew after this season’s episodes that this was not going to be a show they would wrap up with a pretty bow and that be the end…and I don’t think it was meant to be. I mean, would we even be satisfied if we were given all of the answers? Probably not.

    I have also come to the same point in my faith…I almost love not having all of the answers. This path of discovery began when I was in Graduate school….it was like the more I learned, the more I learned I did not know 😉 It’s the same here-I have never been asked so many awesome, challenging and amazing faith questions in my life and I love it. It challenges me and it draws me closer to God as I allow His Spirit to move in me…and it is totally alright when I just don’t know the answer.

    I think I enjoyed the finale for the same reason-I loved seeing all of the relationships rekindle and reunite. I’ve loved the character development and the investments they put into those.

    It should be the same way with us, and actually relationships and Truth walk hand in hand. We have a relationship with THE Truth, which has also created a way to have relationships in the Body. We seek, discover, and find answers together…at least, that is the way it should be!

    Thanks for making me think. I am moving on, too…

  2. brian

    well-said, katie

    ” I mean, would we even be satisfied if we were given all of the answers?”

    I believe this is true of God as well, especially dealing with all the whys we have about pain, suffering, problems

  3. Up until recently I thought I was an answers person. And I think it’s kinda because, like you said, there are some religious people who claim there ARE answers to certain things that God just hasn’t revealed – maybe because we couldn’t handle the answers anyway. I recently argued with a friend about creation/dinosaurs/what the earth was like in Noah’s day, etc. … and he told me that it all didn’t matter. All that mattered was the “WHO” behind it. Up until then, I thought it was important to know all these answers, but I’d like to think I’ve come to a place of contentment with not knowing. I hope I will stay there.

  4. as for the show I tryed to watch it , but only lasted 20mins:?

    not having the answers too very thing, isn’t a bad thing,
    cause we will find out all the answers when our time comes ! 😉

  5. I never got into Lost – only watched half the 1st episode.

    Brian – I’m with you on not needing to know or understand everything. When we try to reduce the Bible, God and faith to our limited human understanding, we limit God. God is mystery and paradox!

  6. I watched the first season and part of the second season. I think I was a little to ADD to keep up due to all the questions. When it was over Sunday night I asked Lea about a dozen questions, everyone of them she answered, “I’m not really sure.” Ugh, I needed answers.

    As for the Bible? I’m pretty comfortable with, “I don’t know, but God will take care of it.”

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