Birthdays ending in “zero” are the only interesting ones now, I suppose, but I am grateful for another year.

Sometime around 3:44 am, I completed my 34th year and began working on my 35th.

Had a really good Italian lunch with the wife on Tuesday while the kids were at school.  I had veal covered in spinach, prosciutto, and melted mozzarella.  It was GOOD!

The plan tonight involves McDonald’s, a cake made by my wife and movie night with the kids.

They are going to get me two of my “favorite” movies:  Cars and Mary Poppins. (movies we check out so often we decided to buy)

The kids also have some secrets related to decorations or something.  The have mentioned secrets but have managed (barely) to keep it from me.

Thanks for all the well-wishes.


5 thoughts on “34

  1. Jeanne M.

    Coming up to my 80th in August, and still moving on. Hope you enjoyed your day and all the surprises the kids had for you.

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