World Cup 2010-South Africa

I think I actually started blogging on a blogger site in 2006 (and it’s still there, of course) when the last WC was occurring and blogged about it.  Since living in Italy, I care.  I woke up at 4 am or something crazy to watch USA lose to Germany in 2002.  I was thrilled that Italy won last time, although I was at camp and could only follow the game online.

I thought I would offer some picks just for fun.  Here are my selections for which clubs will advance from each group:

Group A
Mexico and Uruguay (yes, I am picking France to flop)

Group B
Argentina (I like them and for Tim) and Nigeria

Group C
England and USA (although I am nervous)

Group D
Ghana and Germany (although my girl has a Serbian friend in pre-K)

Group E
Netherlands and Cameroon

Group F
Italy and Paraguay

Group G
Brazil and Portugal

Group H
Spain and Honduras

Of course, I want USA to do well.  I hope Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore play well.

I root for Italy.  I also like to see Argentina and the Netherlands play well.

I will go ahead and pick a minor underdog for champion:  The Netherlands, and if not them, then maybe Holland.

Who will you be rooting for besides USA?


5 thoughts on “World Cup 2010-South Africa

  1. Hey, I’m touched.

    Argentina has the players, but I’m pretty doubtful about their coach. Italy has the players, but I’m afraid they’ve gotten old.

    I can see The Netherlands as a possibility, but Holland doesn’t have a chance. The Dutch could beat them any day.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. i heard some thing about a little complaining from players, but it doesn’t matter to me, i didn’t even notice it today watching parts of two games

  3. nick gill

    sorry I missed this initially – I’d have been really upset with you for dissing Les Bleus… and wow were you right!

    I’m rooting for Honduras! The Swiss really gave us a huge help!

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