Git Yer Headlines Here!

Elephants tie up U.S. team’s bus trip (
Elephants hired by Fabio Capello and David Beckham, no doubt.

Clashes erupt in Iran as night falls (
Which only leaves one question for Iranians, “Should I stay or should I go now?”

Krygyzstan declares state of emergency (
What is that silly Borat up to now? Another Headline says, “Catastrophe in Krygyzstan,” I wonder if that was a pun and cats are somehow involved in the mess.  I like cats but you really can’t trust them.

Country Music Legend Jimmy Dean Dies
Why would a musician take the stage name of a sausage biscuit?

(or if you prefer)
Mr. Dean will be laid to rest between two flaky halves of a giant biscuit.

Titans QB cited in assault at strip club
I know what you are thinking, “What has Kerry Collins done now?”  Good grief.  The man needs to grow up.


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