Things I like About Soccer

(Go read Tim Archer’s article today as well. )

No Time-outs or Commercials.

If I may propose a corporate American conspiracy, one major reason Soccer will never catch on in the USA is because there are few opportunities for advertising dollars.

Football, Baseball, and Basketball need occasional timeouts, but because of TV dollars, many unnecessary ones have been added.  People complain about the length of games, you know pretty much what time frame you get with a soccer match.

Imagine if a game 7 between the Celtics-Lakers only had breaks between quarters!  Wouldn’t that ramp up the intensity even more?

Low-Scoring is anti-Capitalism

I am not suggesting it’s communist or socialist, but I LOVE it!  Of course if I am at the ballpark for a baseball game, I would enjoy a pitchers’ duel between Tim Lincecum vs Roy Halladay.

1-run games in baseball and 3 pt games in football are so exciting, so why do we mock and complain about soccer?

Consider our idol of abundance.  American was founded with plenty of land for everyone (unless you were a Native American).  We are a nation of storage facilities to hold all our stuff that won’t fit in our large homes with garages full of junk.  We believe John 10:10 is talking about our economy. We have had more booms than busts. Sports created here are high scoring.

When supply decreases, value increases.  Sure, soccer is low-scoring but each goal counts more, means more, is celebrated more than any first half score in football or basketball.

A first half goal in soccer is sometimes equivalent to a last-second shot in basketball.

I love that.  I love that each goal is precious.  We care about stats, long-term accumulation of yards, TDs, HRs,Ks etc.  Soccer is more about the win and the game.

Other thoughts:

I like the yellow/red card system.  Wouldn’t that be great in the NBA?

I like that teams kick the ball out of bounds when there is an injury, then the other team gives up back when play resumes.

I like the celebrations, even though I think most NFL celebrations are lame.

I like the crowds, the cheers, songs.  A regular season rivalry game is as intense as a playoff game in American sports.

I like that the regular season matters, which means sometimes even a tie can help you win a championship.

Go check out Letterman’s Top 10 on why Americans don’t like Soccer. It’s good. Also has a funny interruption.

“It’s like being in Vegas for the weekend. We are glad to be here.  We know we’re going home Monday…we know we’re going home empty-handed.”

What do you like about Soccer?


5 thoughts on “Things I like About Soccer

  1. Been reading complaints about how the vuvuzelas are killing the traditional songs, chants, etc. Any thoughts?

    What I posted this morning meshes well with your thoughts.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. brian

    yeah, they are kinda mindless and annoying,
    I would rather hear a good chant like

    Milano, Milan, go have coital relations with yourself (which happens to rhyme in Italian)

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching a few games, but I just can’t get into it. But it’s not the lack of scoring with me, because I love hockey — although I will say that soccer needs to do away with the tie. A game should have a winner and a loser!

    I guess I’m too Americanized.

  4. @Jeff: That depends on the system of the competition. In a knock out system, there are sudden death/golden goal and penalties to get the winner.

  5. I’ve been trying hard to learn to like soccer. It’s growing on me, but it has a BIG way to go. Listening to you talk about it on twitter makes me more interested.

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