World Cup Soccer Names Quiz (answers in Bold)

An oft-neglected story to the World Cup is the learning of interesting names of players, coaches and FIFA officials every 4 years.  I have inserted one fake name for each question, can you guess the invented name among the real names?

1.  Which is fake?

Ber Van Marwijk
Sepp Blatter
Sunil Gulati
Okpow Ombow

2.  Which is fake?

David James

3.  Which is fake?

Yaya Toure
Kevin Prince Boateng
Prince Tagoe
Prince Albert in a Can

4.  Which is fake?

Didier Zokora
Didier Drogba
P. Didier Combs
Obafemi Martins

5.  True or False?

Prince Tagoe and Kevin Prince Boateng are truly Princes.–False

6.  Which is fake?


7.  Which is fake?

Chuck Blazer
Senes Erzik
Hany Abo Rida
Mohamed Bin Osama

8.  Which is fake?

Suad Filekovic
Salmo Hayeko
Gokhan Inler
Xherdan Shaqiri

9.  Guess which National Team each plays for:

All play for the Swiss (Switzerland)

Marco Padalino

Steve Von Bergen

Diego Benaglio

Johnny Leoni

Gelson Fernandes

Alexander Frei

Tranquillo Barnetta

Stephan Lichtsteiner


5 thoughts on “World Cup Soccer Names Quiz (answers in Bold)

  1. nick gill

    1) Okpow Ombow
    2) Caca
    3) Prince Albert in a Can
    4) P. Didier Combs
    5) False
    6) Pepe
    7) Mohamed Bin Osama
    8) Salmo Hayeko
    a- Portugal
    b- USA
    c- Italy
    d- Switzerland
    e- Brazil
    f- Ghana
    g – Italy
    h- Germany

  2. brian

    Nick, 8-8
    pretty good, but not enough to advance to the knock-out round

    ps, I love that the 8 plus ) made a smiley face for that specific response

  3. nick gill

    no WAY! I swear I was totally guessing! I thought I’d get 1 and 6 wrong. and I had NO clue on most of #9.

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