Family Rap

I love the juxtaposition of two things that normally don’t go together, such as rap music and family values.

All three of these are great. (if a video doesn’t work, click on it to go watch it at

Which one is your Favorite?

Dad Life

Swagger Wagon (Warning: Toyota advertising)

Stay-at-Home-Dad Rap



I have one of each in my children.  For those who think that extroverts like people and are friendly and introverts are sociopaths, allow me to explain a healthier understanding of the difference between the two.

My son is an introvert (or at least leans that way).  When he gets home from school, he usually wants to play alone in his room without his sister.  He needs that alone time to recuperate from school.  And in general, he enjoys playing alone a lot more than his sister.

My daughter is an extrovert, completely.  When she gets home she wants to be with you and tell you all about it.  She comes home from church and school wired after having played with friends. Whatever she is doing she wants you to do it with her, whether watching TV or playing.

That is the main difference.  Where/when do you get energized?

Does social interaction drain you or energize you?

In Christian circles, introverts are often looked down upon because they aren’t as social but there are three things to keep in mind:

  • They need alone time to function well
  • They do like people and enjoy being with people.  Introvert does not equal shy.
  • Extroverts are actually getting pumped up by being with others.  Not to question motives, but to point out that it is a lot easier and not necessarily because he/she is a better Christian/more spiritual.

Welcome to the Slippery Slope Church of Christ

Here at the Slippery Slope Church of Christ (located just outside of Slippery Slope, Texas) we believe in being sober and vigilant.

We don’t allow Root Beer at our potlucks because…..well, you never know.

We only use the bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice for one Sunday, and then we throw it out before it has a chance to ferment on us.  You never know, the electricity might fail and the fridge might go out.

We have put a large stamp, “NOT APPROPRIATE for WORSHIP” on many songs in our hymnal.  You know those songs that make you tap your feet or fingers.  Well, that might lead to clapping, dancing, and sooner or later… come the instruments and the belly dancers!!

We have decided that the preacher should just read straight from the Bible without any comments.  That way, we don’t have to worry about him saying or believing anything wrong.  It’s much safer this way.

We have also started the practice of silent, public prayers.  We just can’t take the chance of someone praying something that isn’t scriptural.  You never know what he might say.  So, for now, a brother stands before us and prays silently to God.  If he messes up, that’s between him and God and the rest of us are safe from stumbling.

We have a nice lock on our door.  The Bible says so much about false teachers coming in and those wolves in sheep’s clothing, that we only allow those of us who have been here from the beginning to enter the building.  We must protect ourselves from error!

I would tell you to come and visit but we will probably close down sometime within the year.  You know how it is, we can’t risk anything.

Post-Camp Blues

Technically, I am not blue, just worn out.  A combination of being out of shape, my age, plus the weather and schedule at camp seriously knocked me down.

My recovery goes like this:

  • praying that I don’t fall asleep while driving back to my family
  • 2-hour nap on Saturday
  • bed early Saturday night
  • barely coherent through church, only perk up if the preacher misuses a text (IMO)
  • 2-hour nap on Sunday
  • to bed early Sunday night
  • Drove home Monday, praying that I don’t fall asleep
  • Monday night–10-hour sleep in my own bed
  • Tuesday night–10-hour sleep in my own bed

Almost a week later, and I feel………………. “decent.”

Last week, we were going from 7:30 am till at least 10:30 pm, and as a Bible Teacher I get an hour or so of rest mid-afternoon between 3-4.

Most of it is outdoors, although there are a few activities and time in the A/C of a couple of buildings.  I am grateful for that.

Our theme this year was “Wise Up! Txt Messages from God” and the lessons were based on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Our teaching team is fantastic, I would start a church plant with them or attempt any task in the world with this group of 6.

The director for the week has been doing it for 20+ years.  When not at camp he is a full-time, paid Shepherd/Elder for a church north of Philly.  He has the amazing combination of being super-organized and having a big heart that shows itself in tears each summer at some point.  He loves the Lord and kids.

I preached on Proverbs 1:1-7 Sunday morning to kick off the Bible program, introducing Solomon, as well.

Then the lessons were as follows:

  • Who’s ur BFF?  Friends Matter
  • Rspx–Submitting to Authority
  • Get Hld of Ur Self–Self-Control
  • Reflecting ME-
  • Don’t Front–Integrity
  • Know UR Thing–The Main Thing (Ecclsesiastes)

We had a great group of about 130 kids, which is a low number for us that week.  All went well.  It was a blessing.

I hope the kids got half as much as I did out of all the singing and talking and fellowship.

If you are in SE PA and don’t know about Camp Manatawny, check it out!

Moving to Guam!!

Some people choose a homeland because it’s where they were born.

Other choose a land of religious freedom so they don’t have to suffer for Christ.

Some choose a nation where they can serve Jesus.

I am choosing Guam because of their radical anti-spider stand.

The Guam Department of Agriculture said hundreds of large spiders and thousands of smaller ones were seen when stevedores began offloading insulation and beams for housing units from the ship, the M.V. Altavia.

You can read the rest of the story here or just google it.