Post-Camp Blues

Technically, I am not blue, just worn out.  A combination of being out of shape, my age, plus the weather and schedule at camp seriously knocked me down.

My recovery goes like this:

  • praying that I don’t fall asleep while driving back to my family
  • 2-hour nap on Saturday
  • bed early Saturday night
  • barely coherent through church, only perk up if the preacher misuses a text (IMO)
  • 2-hour nap on Sunday
  • to bed early Sunday night
  • Drove home Monday, praying that I don’t fall asleep
  • Monday night–10-hour sleep in my own bed
  • Tuesday night–10-hour sleep in my own bed

Almost a week later, and I feel………………. “decent.”

Last week, we were going from 7:30 am till at least 10:30 pm, and as a Bible Teacher I get an hour or so of rest mid-afternoon between 3-4.

Most of it is outdoors, although there are a few activities and time in the A/C of a couple of buildings.  I am grateful for that.

Our theme this year was “Wise Up! Txt Messages from God” and the lessons were based on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Our teaching team is fantastic, I would start a church plant with them or attempt any task in the world with this group of 6.

The director for the week has been doing it for 20+ years.  When not at camp he is a full-time, paid Shepherd/Elder for a church north of Philly.  He has the amazing combination of being super-organized and having a big heart that shows itself in tears each summer at some point.  He loves the Lord and kids.

I preached on Proverbs 1:1-7 Sunday morning to kick off the Bible program, introducing Solomon, as well.

Then the lessons were as follows:

  • Who’s ur BFF?  Friends Matter
  • Rspx–Submitting to Authority
  • Get Hld of Ur Self–Self-Control
  • Reflecting ME-
  • Don’t Front–Integrity
  • Know UR Thing–The Main Thing (Ecclsesiastes)

We had a great group of about 130 kids, which is a low number for us that week.  All went well.  It was a blessing.

I hope the kids got half as much as I did out of all the singing and talking and fellowship.

If you are in SE PA and don’t know about Camp Manatawny, check it out!


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