Why I Dislike Politics

Ad Hominem Arguments;  Painting Opponents in Worst Light, i.e. Hypocrisy

If your opponent has a small misstep, slam him!  If your guy has a large misstep, defend him or remain super quiet.

Did you know that some KJV-Only people go as far as to say that Westcott and Hort (British scholars who put together a new Greek text in the 1800s) were gay lovers?? Huh?!

I guess we believe one sin leads to another.  If Obama supports gay rights, them he must be a Muslim, ya know since those two go together so well.

or just go read this:  Wiki on Obama’s Birth Conspiracy Theories or This from factcheck.org

What Jesus says:

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

Some stuff about planks and beams.  Matthew 7:1-5

Love your enemies.  Matthew 5:42-44

The Us v Them/Black and White Mentality; Divisiveness, Polarization

I don’t really have much to say about a 2-party versus a 3-party system.  That’s irrelevant in my opinion.  More parties will probably just lead to more division.

My people are fully right and you are fully wrong. But in reality, each president does some good and some bad and lots of things that we won’t know if it was good or bad for a few years.

Along with this is attacking people’s motives:  If they believe differently then they must hate America, or the church, and want to destroy it.  This really makes me sick when it happens in christian circles.  Just because someone believes differently, or even wrongly, does not mean that they heart is wrong and they wish to intentionally destroy, lead astray, etc.

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Rom 14:19

Fear and Slippery Slope Arguments;  Hyperbole

“This is the most important election ever!!”  Yeah, that sounds a lot like, “This week’s Bachelor/Grey’s Anatomy/Lost is the most shocking/dramatic ever!!!!!!!”

If the Republicans win, we will lose our freedoms!  If the Democrats win, we will lose our freedoms!

If the Democrats win, Muslims and Gays will take over America!! If the Republicans win, we will become a theocracy!!

Reactionism on the part of Leaders

The necessity to act or speak.  What if some issues will resolve themselves?  What if any action is only going to make matters worse?  Too bad.  Doing nothing is the only sin.  Even if that action will have terrible consequences.  Even if patience is the wise course.  Even if you know nothing can be done.  You better act.  Make a decision.  Do something!  Anything! Or your opponents will slam you.

I am sure there is more I could say, but this is enough for now.

Putting others’ interests/needs above mine, loving my enemies, honesty, and submitting to one another out of love have NO place in politics.  Sadly, it seems too many Christians are willing to sacrifice these principles once entering that realm.

What do you dislike about politics or the political process?


80s Movies: Beastmaster

I know I could Wiki this and get all the details straight but I am gonna go completely from memory.

Who knows how many times I saw this film, but I do know that I watched it every time I knew it was on.

Marc Singer could communicate with animals in an ancient world.  He was the hero, the special child, born to save something.

Remember the glowing green worms they put in guys ears to make them slave/warriors?

Remember the ferrets?

Was this the film were they dug a trench and disguised it so that the opposing army would fall into it with their horses?

What a film!!

The huge ziggurat thingy.  The evil priests/bad guy. The lady.

and most of all, the weird bat/human creatures that suck a body dry but helped the Beastmaster when he visited their treehouse!!!

Do you remember this?  any cool stuff I forgot?

Is this really what God wants??

We have discussed Romans 14-15 in both of our Wednesday and Sunday Bible Classes recently for multiple class periods.  It wasn’t planned that way, the two coincided.  I feel that this is one of the most neglected and needed passages for the church today.

The discussion boils down to how do we apply, live, practice this? And it isn’t simple.

I continue to be disturbed by statements that say either explicitly or implicitly:

  • the lost are more important than the saved
  • we should make decisions that will reach the lost even if it means losing saved members
  • our Goal is to reach the lost at all costs, including sacrificing current members
  • good leaders are willing to make decisions for evangelism to bring in new people, even if it means losing current ones

Is this Biblical?  Does the Bible say that God loves the lost more than the saved?  I think we all struggle with the balance.  I don’t want a church that is controlled by the minority or one individual with a weak conscience.  Is it really, “reach the lost at all costs?”

but this is what Paul said:

“If your brother is distressed because of what you eat (do/believe), you are no longer acting in love.”

“Do not by your eating (actions) destroy your brother for whom Christ died.”

Why are so many quick to throw this out the window to reach out to new people?

Can’t we do both.  Is it really glorifying God if we only accomplish one and neglect the other?

How do you find the balance and apply this passage?


Well, I am officially writing off the Mets since the Braves are about to acquire Derek Lee from the Cubs.  It’s between Philly and Atlanta now and I am leaning towards the Braves.

Here’s my wish-list for 2011:

LF–A healthy and at least average Jason Bay
CF–Angel Pagan.  he has earned PT and some bucks
RF–a healthy and maturing Fernando Martinez
3B–a healthy and average David Wright, even if that’s somewhere between 2007-2008 and 2009-1010 David
SS–a healthy Jose Reyes
2B–there is talk of Chone Figgins, and only because it seems plausible, gotta do something
1B–Ike Davis
C–Josh Thole, Rod Barajas

Rotation of Johan, Dickey, Pelfrey, Niese, and Jenrry would be adequate.  Addition of a mid-level starter would be nice, as well.

Let’s get rid of Beltran and Franceour and move on.

Tea Party outside White House Gets Out of Control

A large Tea Party crowd had assembled outside the White House Saturday morning to have their voices heard.  By the time it ended the police, and parents had to be called.

25 Four and Five year old girls had gathered wearing feather boas, hats, sunglasses, and gloves for this Tea Party Protest.  Their tables were covered with plastic cups, plates, and food.

Their main concerns were how the AZ immigration laws would impact Dora the Explorer, the need for more flavors in children’s medicine, and the lack of actual tea in their plastic cups.

The crowd became so unruly at one point, bystanders called the police and Family Services.  The uproar apparently started over one girl who had a bigger Princess purse than the other girls and wouldn’t share.  The crying was so loud that the Secret Service even got involved, trying to calm the situation.

The White House has yet to release a statement concerning the incident.