The Spiritual C-Section

Even before my friend had a C-Section on Sunday, I had been thinking about spiritual implications.

In the physical world, sometimes it is necessary to force the issue and remove a baby during the birthing process.  There might be a threat to baby or mom, usually the umbilical cord is a problem or the child is aiming the wrong way.

I have yet to notice a parallel for a spiritual birth, in fact, I have seen much damage done by well-intentioned Christians who seem to want to induce labor, and my limited experience and opinion says that it leads to an aborted faith most of the time.

Maybe we feel that as a mother should be pushing in the physical world, we should be pushing in the spiritual realm.  But this pushing usually has the opposite effect and pushes the person further away from Christ instead of closer to Him, or to the water.

Let’s leave the pushing to God and the Spirit–allowing the spiritual birth to be natural, or supernatural, as it were–and be there as midwives helping all along the way.


What experiences have you had of trying to hard to bring someone to Christ when it backfired?

Can our zeal be counter-productive?

How do we express how important and serious salvation is, and show our concern but without scaring people away?


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