Founding Fathers Club (FFC)

(Clack  Clack)

I now call to order the monthly meeting of our local chapter of the Founding Fathers Club (FFC).

Let’s have the Pledge of Allegiance…..

As you all know, we are committed to America, the true America as written in the Constitution and practiced by our great early leaders and statesmen.  We don’t even recognize what America has become and our prayer is that we will return to the Greatness and Glory of the Golden Years.

We are committed to these God-given Rights and Truths:

  • Land ownership to all white, European males
  • Voting/political rights to all white, European males
  • A slave in every house (having children with your slaves is optional)
  • God created everything and then left it alone
  • Denial of Biblical Miracles
  • Belief in the Resurrection of Jesus is optional
  • God-given exemption from the whole honor, submit, obey the Government thing.  We didn’t want to put up with King George and we sure ain’t gonna put up with Barack Obama
  • Injuns and Negros (including Muslims) may or may not have a soul, but they definitely don’t have any rights

We must remain faithful to the religion of our Forefathers!

Closing Prayer:

Dear Father waay up in Heaven:  We know you aren’t active or involved in our lives that much today, but we thank you for giving us politics instead, so that we can continue to do your work for you.  We thank you for Democracy.  We thank you for all the rights you have given to us white, European folk.  Lord, please don’t let the Muslims, gays, and America-Haters take over your country any more than they have.  Please allow us to restore your Grand Nation back to what you intended it to be.  Amen.

All right people, let’s get out there and have our voice heard.  This nation was founded on mutiny and we shall fight for our rights.

Onward! Christian! Soldiers!


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