80s Movies: Beastmaster

I know I could Wiki this and get all the details straight but I am gonna go completely from memory.

Who knows how many times I saw this film, but I do know that I watched it every time I knew it was on.

Marc Singer could communicate with animals in an ancient world.  He was the hero, the special child, born to save something.

Remember the glowing green worms they put in guys ears to make them slave/warriors?

Remember the ferrets?

Was this the film were they dug a trench and disguised it so that the opposing army would fall into it with their horses?

What a film!!

The huge ziggurat thingy.  The evil priests/bad guy. The lady.

and most of all, the weird bat/human creatures that suck a body dry but helped the Beastmaster when he visited their treehouse!!!

Do you remember this?  any cool stuff I forgot?


4 thoughts on “80s Movies: Beastmaster

  1. Not only do I remember, I totally get you! )

    I had a terrible crush on Marc Singer during th 80s. Thanks to this low budget, campy movie.

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