80s Movie: Robocop

I don’t know what it is about this film but I still like it although I haven’t seen it in years.

Sure, it was cool.  I mean, his robot leg opened up to holster his gun, that rocked.

It was violent, dark, yet borderline campy.  For me, it is still a good movie.

It had some heart.  Robocop was a modern day Frankenstein.  There is a part of Frankenstein that was done well in the Branagh movie version with DeNiro, where the monster is questioning the doctor whether he has a soul or not.  Robocop was part man, part machine but not fully either.

The scene where he is in his old house and some human memories fade in and out was really sad, and reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster.

I also remember the fear of the scene where the large robot thingy goes out of control (although it was a set up to kill the guy at the meeting) and the robot keeps telling the guy to put down his gun even after he did for an illustration.  The terror of that moment got to me.  He had nowhere to run, this huge robot was gonna kill him and that was that.

Of course, it is a revenge/justice film at its core.  He is able to take down the same men who shot him to pieces.  But it changes nothing, really.

What are your thoughts?


My NFL 2010 Picks

Just for fun, let’s pick some division winners and more!

AFC East: Patriots

AFC North: Cincinnati

AFC South: Indy

AFC West: San Diego

AFC Wildcards: NY Jets, Baltimore Ravens


NFC East:  Giants

NFC North:  Green Bay

NFC South: New Orleans

NFC West: San Fran

NFC Wildcards:  Redskins, Atlanta Falcons


NFC Championship: Green Bay over the NY Giants

AFC Championship:  Indy over the Patriots

Super Bowl: Indy over Green Bay 

(p.s.–I did 10 seconds of research for this, most of which involved double-checking which teams were in which divisions)

Book Review: Christian America and the Kingdom of God

This is the book I wish I were smart enough to have written.  It is similar to Boyd’s Myth of a Christian Nation in its discussion of the Kingdom of God, but Richard T. Hughes expertise as a historian makes this volume much more comprehensive.

Main Themes of the Book:

  • The notion of Christian America and the notion of the Kingdom of God are polar opposites
  • Ironic truth that Christian America so often behaves in such unchristian and even anti-Christian ways
  • Christians should behave in the public square in ways consistent with their profession of faith, instead of worldly ways
  • Biblical and Theology illiteracy runs rampant in the US

Assumptions by the author:

  • the book doesn’t concern itself with whether America is a good or moral nation.  he recognizes that it is at times
  • the book/author does not seek to diminish the good done by Americans

Chapters 2 & 3 are a fine study on the prominence of peace and justice in all teachings on the Kingdom of God.

His discussion on the Founding Fathers and the period right before and after the Revolution is fascinating and will upset many a Tea Party goer.

His dissection of the Battle Hymn of the Republic is frightening.

The section discussing the Gilded Age (post-Civil War, industrial/economic boom) has disheartening.  The American “work ethic” is great but in that period we see the rise of oppressing the poor/workers at the expense of financial growth.  It was the beginning of the rise of Materialism and Abundance as idols in America.

The fact that religious revival often occurred in reaction to immigration gave me a lot to think about.

Some myths mentioned in the last chapter that explain a lot:

  • Myth of the Chosen Nation: From Tyndale, to the Puritans, to Jonathan Edwards, all the way to President Bush, the view that God has chosen America to serve a certain purpose has been used and abused.  Some expected a golden age of peace, others preach the Gospel of Wealth or the Gospel of Democracy. I was personally upset with one of President Bush’s last speeches where he really drove home the point of spreading democracy, as if it were the Gospel of Jesus.  Made me real uncomfortable, and I had voted for the guy.
  • Myth of the Innocent Nation: Based upon the assumption that America is chosen and Christian, anything goes.  Mistreatment of Natives in the belief that you are the New Israel cleansing the Canaanites from the Promised Land.  Institutional racism.  Slaughter of civilians (was unaware of US involvement in the Philippines around 1900).  Oppression of poor. Emphasis on revenge.
  • Myth of the Millennial Nation: thanks to Darby and Scofield many Christians expect an Armageddon that will involve nuclear destruction, and war in the middle east.  The view that the righteous will be raptured doesn’t lend to trying to avoid the Armageddon.  Boy, will they be disappointed and we all will suffer for it.  This is why we turn a blind eye to Israel’s sins and support them without question.  And anyone who doesn’t gets in trouble with the evangelical leaders and voters.

I may blog more about it or I may not.  At times it made me sick.  I was encouraged to focus more on peace and justice in my life after reading chapters 2 and 3.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the church and Jesus more than they love America.

My Big First Grader

Our Boy went to his first day of 1st Grade today and it seems that all went well.

When I joked about going to school with him, he replied, “I don’t need you guys, I know where my class is.”

We got to walk him to the meeting place outside where they lined up with their class and watch him go inside.  There were no tears on the part of mom, dad, or son.

As we were walking from the car to the school, he said something to me like, “I know you are worried about me.”  which was kinda cute and kinda weird.  He didn’t seem concerned, though.

Here is the report that he dictated to me when we got home:

“here’s how it started.
I was walking around the building to get in.
when I was at the other side, I saw a huge crowd.
then, I found my teacher and we all went into the class.
then, the teacher told us what we were gonna do today.
we sat on our desks.
then there was a basket to put our lunch and snack bin for the snack
after lunch, we went on the playground, two times.
then we came back in, we went on the rug for a story
then we went home.”