My Big First Grader

Our Boy went to his first day of 1st Grade today and it seems that all went well.

When I joked about going to school with him, he replied, “I don’t need you guys, I know where my class is.”

We got to walk him to the meeting place outside where they lined up with their class and watch him go inside.  There were no tears on the part of mom, dad, or son.

As we were walking from the car to the school, he said something to me like, “I know you are worried about me.”  which was kinda cute and kinda weird.  He didn’t seem concerned, though.

Here is the report that he dictated to me when we got home:

“here’s how it started.
I was walking around the building to get in.
when I was at the other side, I saw a huge crowd.
then, I found my teacher and we all went into the class.
then, the teacher told us what we were gonna do today.
we sat on our desks.
then there was a basket to put our lunch and snack bin for the snack
after lunch, we went on the playground, two times.
then we came back in, we went on the rug for a story
then we went home.”


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