Confession, Repentance, and Prayer

Here is a simple outline for our Wednesday Evening Bible class.  We have been alternating between nights solely of prayer and evenings studying prayer and prayers in the Bible.

“He who conceals his sin does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” —Proverbs 28:13

The physical and emotional consequences of not confessing

Psalm 32:1-7; Psalm 38

Vs 18—“I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin.”

How much sickness and illness in our society today comes from guilt and sin?

Psalm 51—David’s guilt with Bathsheba

Have mercy, Blot out transgressions, Wash, Cleanse, create anew heart, let me hear joy and gladness, Restore, Save

Is our repentance usually connected to a desire for change and growth?

Ezra 9-10—Sin of Intermarriage

9:2—the problem
9:3-5–Ezra’s reaction
9:6-15—Ezra’s prayer
10:1-4—the people follow  Ezra’s example

Have you ever seen one person’s example of repentance influence many others?

Nehemiah 9—Public, Communal Confession

Result of reading the Law-Nehemiah 8:9

9:3—read “for a quarter of a day, and spent another quarter in confession and in worshipping the Lord their God”

Nehemiah 1:4-7—Nehemiah mourning and weeping for the sins and their consequences

In what ways can and should we incorporate repentance into our times of worship?

Luke 18:9-14—Prayers of Pharisee and Tax Collector

How can we learn to understand repentance as a way of life and not just an occasional act?

James 5:16—Praying for Each Other

We have a responsibility to pray for each others’ sins as well as our own

Is there a difference in confessing “sin” vs “sins?”  For the confessor? For the person praying?


Our Children are in Danger!!!

There is an epidemic of child molestation in our country and Christians are the problem.

The majority of crimes have been perpetrated against boys but girls aren’t safe either.

I do not want any church building constructed near my house and we need legislation to keep them at least a couple of miles from any school.

There is even a text in their Holy Book, a chapter in 1 Thessalonians that seems to imply incest.

They are dangerous.  All of them.  Any one of them might say nice things and do nice things, but it’s really just a cover until they can get alone with your children.

Their one purpose in this country is perversion.  They are coming for your little boys and girls.  We must do something.

I am personally going to vote for any politician and legislation that will restrict and contain the growth of this dangerous group of people.  How can we even call them American?!

I have also started a 503(c)3 organization called CAPWMC (Christians are perverts who molest children) dedicated to ridding our fine country of this problem.


As of the first week of October, we completed 7 years of serving the Echo Lake Church of Christ in Union County, NJ!

Next week, my youngest turns five years old.  Actually, it wouldn’t surprise if she were six.

Next month, my wife and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage by spending a weekend in the Poconos, without the kids.

Oh and also, I weighed myself Tuesday morning for the first time in a long time and was at 199 point something.  Not that I ever got above 210 or have been really trying, but that was an encouraging sign.

Time flies.  God is good.  Hard to believe it all. I am grateful for Jesus, family, and my church.

Headlines R’ Us

Rapper talks man down from hotel roof (

Did he rhyme while talking?  Did he offer some bling to the desperate man?

Swiss complete longest rail tunnel

Man, those knives really can do everything!

Four miners trapped in Ecuador

Come on, guys! It’s obvious you were jealous and want the free Oakleys.

Obama hosts White House Science Fair

Just watch out for 13-year-olds with a full beard and a replica of a nuclear reactor.

NATO official: Bin Laden is in Pakistan

And by 2034, we will have checked every cave.  So, as long as he doesn’t move to a different cave or a different country, we will get him!  Mission Accomplished!

Bible Meme

Remember when everyone was doing memes on their blogs?  A Meme is  a structure for blogging in which you fill in your personal choices.

For the sake of nostalgia, let’s meme away:

Favorite Book of the OT:  Deuteronomy

Favorite Book of the NT:  Luke or Philippians

Favorite Chapter in the OT:  Isaiah 53

Favorite Chapter in the NT:  Romans 12

Favorite Psalm:  Psalm 32

Favorite Proverb:  Prov 26:5

Favorite OT Woman: David’s Wife, Abigail

Favorite NT Woman: Lady with expensive perfume who anointed Jesus body

Favorite OT Man:  Moses

Favorite NT Man:  Barnabas

Favorite King:  Hezekiah

Favorite Prophet: Ezekiel

Favorite Apostle: Andrew

Favorite Beatitude:  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

And the other great tradition is tagging others who should do the same meme:




John Dobbs