Some More Headlines

Huge chunk of East Coast flooded (–all of these are from CNN)

Just because your headline is limited by space doesn’t not mean it has to be limited in vocabulary or intelligence.  This one was written by some stoned college intern.

US Apologizes for infecting Guatemalans with STDs

Oops! Sorry.  And US promises to use a condom next time it experiments on foreigners.

Neil Young gets free chicken for Gulf

Apparently the Canadian rocker (rockin’ in a free chicken world) has been saving his coupons.

War Game axes “Taliban” option

But “Global Thermonuclear War” and “Kill Aghan Civilian” options still available

Robot used in search for U.S. balloonists

They didn’t find the balloonists but they did return with Syphilis which they got from the US government.


4 thoughts on “Some More Headlines

  1. brian

    hey, sis, doing well, sorry i haven’t stopped by your place in a long time, not reading many blogs nowadays

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