Git Yer Headlines Hee-ya!

Largest U.S. public works project killed (

Apparently it died from complications from obesity, which is how most large things in America die.

Calif. candidates spar over word ‘whore’ (

Apparently one candidate thinks all politicians should be referred to as “sluts” or “harlots” while the other prefers the word “whore.”  There will be a referendum vote this fall.

O’Donnell to CNN: “I’ve matured” (

“And if you don’t believe me, I am going to cast a spell on you.”

Sam Donaldson ranch killer goes free

Well, I knew that Paul Newman had a line of salad dressing, but was unaware of Sam Donaldson entering the industry.  Has anyone tried his?

Boater’s wife may take lie detector

As long as she brings it back when I finished, I think that should be okay.

N. Korea leader, son make public appearance

They were seen at Lenscrafters, the younger was trying to help his father select a less embarrassing pair of glasses.


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