Our Children are in Danger!!!

There is an epidemic of child molestation in our country and Christians are the problem.

The majority of crimes have been perpetrated against boys but girls aren’t safe either.

I do not want any church building constructed near my house and we need legislation to keep them at least a couple of miles from any school.

There is even a text in their Holy Book, a chapter in 1 Thessalonians that seems to imply incest.

They are dangerous.  All of them.  Any one of them might say nice things and do nice things, but it’s really just a cover until they can get alone with your children.

Their one purpose in this country is perversion.  They are coming for your little boys and girls.  We must do something.

I am personally going to vote for any politician and legislation that will restrict and contain the growth of this dangerous group of people.  How can we even call them American?!

I have also started a 503(c)3 organization called CAPWMC (Christians are perverts who molest children) dedicated to ridding our fine country of this problem.


11 thoughts on “Our Children are in Danger!!!

  1. Thanks for this post…American’s can over react and generalize any particular group such as all Muslims are terrorists…All Christians are…,” We need to strive to be Christ in the world, the Kingdom of God on earth and strive to remove generalizations of others. Again great post!

  2. brian

    this is just a fun way of saying, just as we wouldn’t want others to judge Christians by the awful deeds of a few of them, we shouldn’t judge all Muslims because some are terrorists

  3. Dede Rothermel

    Is that the point?!? I had no idea. I could have come up with a number of good lessons from your post, but that definitely wasn’t one of them… Haha, ok, now I understand 🙂

  4. Allan

    Is the suggestion that Islam itself isn’t as violent as we think or are you saying that we shouldn’t prejudge self-proclaimed Muslims because we don’t know that they necessarily hold fast to the (seemingly) more violent tenets of Islam?

  5. brian

    the second one.

    even if they are all supposed to be jihadists (according to their book), they aren’t,
    just like all Christians are supposed to love their enemies and be peacemakers, but aren’t

  6. Allan

    In that case, I miss the meaning since the purpose of a mosque would be to actually encourage moderates to be better Muslims. I see the difference as judging Islam by what we can read about it and prejudging the purpose of the mosque vs. prejudging individual Muslims.

    If “child molestation” had been replaced with “neighbor loving,” I could see the parallel.

  7. brian

    some muslims are terrorists, therefore all muslims are terrorists

    some christian/leaders are sexual predators, so all are sexual predators

  8. Allan

    Ok, I just wanted to make sure we weren’t saying that the Bible teaches sexual predation (according to the logic of the satirical piece).

    I’m willing to stick my neck out and say that the vast majority of people who say that “all Muslims” are jihadists simply mean “Islam says you have to kill/convert/subjugate” the Infidel. Seems to me we have a bigger problem at hand in the form of a religion which teaches that outsiders should be either converted, killed, or subjugated. I suspect if you met a group of Christians who believed that, you would probably have a sermon for them.

    Basically I’m making the “what if” case that no one can say that Christianity supports sexual predation (based on the Bible) but there is lots and lots of evidence that Islam teaches earthly warfare or, at least, subjugation. That’s why I asked you to clarify. Even the folks at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com, who are NO friends of Islam will grant that many self-proclaimed Muslims are not violent .

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