I don’t know about you but I have had a spiritual craving for a while.

I have been interested in the spiritual disciplines and bought a handful of books but haven’t had good discipline concerning spiritual disciplines.  So, I have continued to read about them while only occasionally practicing them.

I think I am finally wanting it bad enough.  I found “Savoring God’s Word” by Jan Johnson in our church library while working in there and I am so glad I did.  It’s a book on meditation, lectio divina, ignathian method, etc.  She gives a great response to people who are scared of those types of things and so far the book is simple and helpful, including easy exercises in each chapter.

I finally ordered “The Way of the Heart” by Henri Nouwen, which I have heard so much about.

I also ordered “Life With God: Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation,” I am already a big fan of Foster.  Celebration of Discipline is one of my favorite books.

I lean towards the analytical side, which helps in some ways being a preacher, because I see structure and outlines when reading a text.  But I also recognize that I do that so quickly.  I too often read only looking for “how to teach it” which means I am missing out on a lot.

I want more.  I want to spend more time in silence and meditation.  It’s so hard to unplug and even when I do, my brain is racing with plans, concerns, life…

I want more of Jesus.  I don’t want to be a modern, un-spiritual disciple.  I don’t want my Bible study to be purely intellectual or my prayer life to be solely requests and praise.

I want to know him more.  I want to be intimate with him.

so, what about you?  any advice? thoughts? questions?


3 thoughts on “Spiritual

  1. I’m reading “Finding Our Way Again – The Return to Ancient Practices” by Brian McLaren and “Praying with the Church” by Scot McKnight and I feel led to practise fixed hour prayer. I have a link up top my browser (http://explorefaith.org/prayer/fixed/hours.php) but I get distracted on the pc as it’s no place for me to pray. … (and it’s the wrong time zone for me) I might invest in the Phyllis Tickle Divine Hour books. Or one to start with!

  2. Vangie Hunter

    Brian, this is the best blog you have had in a long time. It touched my heart and I too desire more time reading the Bible, meditating and praying.

  3. This resonates with me, Brian, as I have had the same experience… wanting more…studying and learning…and teaching about the Disciplines, while finding them difficult to practice. Guess they require discipline! Anyhow… Jan Johnson has several little workbooks out and they are all excellent. I also have a book by her called Invitation to the Jesus Life (I think) that looks good. Wendy’s mention, Finding Our Way Again, is the first book in a series of books on the disciplines and I’ve been getting them along the way. I have a Phyllis Tickle book that remains unused…giant book of prayer. Our men just finished the first of James Bryan Smith’s trilogy, The Good and Beautiful God. Each lesson about God was followed by a spiritual practice for the week. My series of posts praying through the Shepherd Psalm was one of those practices. Anyhow… thanks for being open and sharing that. I’m with you.

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