New Wineskins, Old Year, or Old Wine, New Year, Something….

Jesus’ teachings on the wineskins has confused me in the past but I think I get it more than previously.

At our prayer meeting Wednesday we prayed to leave behind guilt, regrets, bad experiences, etc. from 2010 and not bring them into the new year.

When I get a new pair of shoes, I try to avoid wearing them in the rain and mud as long as possible.

When you get a new car, you don’t want to dirty it up.

Turning the page on the calendar is somewhat arbitrary but still useful.

At the same time, life isn’t so neat.  I have been sick all week and will continue to feel a little sick tomorrow.

On a more serious note, my friends who lost their 47 year old husband/father to cancer this week won’t have the first memorial til Monday evening, and the funeral (in another state) until Saturday.  The calendar is meaningless to them, I suppose.  They are starting over, have been for a few days, but won’t be leaving behind their grief or memories.

January 1st can also distract us, I think.  We can often think to big, bite off more than we can chew, when we should be focusing on little things.  Daily things.

Mainly because of wanting to meditate on scripture more, I have been thinking about “less.”  Smaller passages of scripture are better for meditation (not that I have done much yet).  I think in general, I want less in 2011.  Simplicity.  Keep in simple.

I don’t know.  I am tired and rambling and on drugs for a sinus infection.  In case none of this makes sense…..

Have whatever kind of year God has planned for you!!!!


5 thoughts on “New Wineskins, Old Year, or Old Wine, New Year, Something….

  1. I like the “leave things behind” idea, just as much as I like the “do better this New Year” idea.

    I hadn’t really thought of it that way … thank.

  2. One New Year’s, I preached about that canned “New Car Spray” that they sell. I said that we all want more than a spray, we want something really new. And only God can make old things new.

    Since that’s what He likes to do, we’d do well to follow your advice… leave the old stuff behind and let God make it all new.

    Happy New Year!

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