2010 in Review


A good friend and great helper moved to Arkansas.  A man of faith and encouragement and zeal for the Lord.  I haven’t kept in touch with him well since them and that is a regret.


Lost’s final season began.  I was giddy.  I enjoyed it.

Spent Valentine’s Day weekend in PA.  They had twice as much snow as we did as two systems had passed, each dumping a foot.  NJ only got one of the storms.  Kids had a blast.

Enjoyed Applebee’s with the wife.  Bought her the Susan Boyle CD only to find out she had just bought it a week before.


My boy turned 6!!

Participated in a Fantasy Keeper Baseball League draft.  It was fun.  Enjoyed the league all year.

TULSA!!  Saw many of you guys.  Heard some great speakers/lessons.  Encouraged by singing and fellowship.


My mom turned 80!!!!

Watched the Celtics play the Knicks at MSG, fulfilling childhood dream as a Celtics fan.

Had a fun bowling fellowship with church.

Founding family and great leader/servants of our congregation moved to Arkansas.


My favorite TV show of all time ends.  It was a great ride.  Have watched a lot less TV since then and that’s good.

Enjoyed a couple of days at Family Camp at Manatawny.  Great weekend, hope to return with kids and stay all weekend this year.


Turned 34 years old.  Bought a Nook with Birthday $$$.

My son “graduated” from Kindergarten.


Wifey has birthday.

Ahhhh….Junior High week at Camp Manatawny!

My dad turned 80!!


My sister turned 39 (you do the math, you know what that means for 2011)

Got to see the Mets play.

Vacation Bible School was great!


My boy starts 1st grade.  New building.  New kids.  Wow!

John Mark Hicks was a blessing to me and our congregation, speaking Saturday and Sunday.


A lot of busy but nothing memorable, according to my Google calendar.


Celebrated 10th anniversary with wife by spending a few days in the Poconos.  Great trip.  Relaxing.

Thanksgiving in PA!!

Saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall!!


Annual Singing Fellowship was a blast, as usual.

Christmas in NJ.  Blizzard of 2010! Sinus infection, etc.


3 thoughts on “2010 in Review

  1. Chandra

    I love that Applebees and your sinus infection made your list of memorable things from 2010! 😉 The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is awesome. We had an extra ticket one year when Bryan had to work and I sold it to a lady from NJ who said she went every single year to “get into the Christmas spirit”.

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