A Winter’s Dilemma

What to do.  What to do.  My old shoveling gloves were not waterproof.  My hands would get soaked, cold, and even stained from whatever was used to color my old gloves.

Back in December, my wife picked out a pair of nice waterproof gloves.  I liked them.  They were comfy.  No black/blue stains.  My hands were no longer soaked after shoveling.

But…alas….a problem:  once you get them sweaty inside, it is difficult to dry them.

Now, it’s not enough to just hang them up. I stick the hair dryer deep inside and run it a bit.

I am worried they will be moldy or gross inside and they have already developed a little smell.

What do I do?  What other option is there?  How can I effectively dry them?


10 thoughts on “A Winter’s Dilemma

  1. jeff

    I have the same problem with non-drying sweaty gloves. I accidentally wore them ice fishing once so I got northern pike goo inside them as well, so everytime I sweat in these gloves, it’s a real sensory experience. There is no answer. There is no hope. You’ve lost the game of life.

  2. Sergio

    Try baking soda. The kind you might use for the laundry. I’ve used it on my work boots and it works well to soak up some moisture and odor.

  3. brian

    that’s a great idea, sergio, I prob will try that. I did, thanks to my mother’s advice, get them inside-out (hoping they don’t get damaged)

    I forgot to loan you that book Sunday. will try again this week

  4. Alicia

    If possible, turn them inside out to dry them. Depending on the materials used in them, you could also put them in the clothes dryer on low for a long time; the air would circulate better in there.

    For storage, try putting a drying agent such as silica packs in them.

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