Pitchers, Catchers & Predictions

Ahhh….baseball.  Love it!  Here are my feeble predictions for the 2011 season.

National League




Wild Card–Brewers

Surprise Teams (no playoffs but great improvement):  Arizona, Florida


Cy Young–Cliff Lee

American League




Wild Card–Texas

Surprise Team (no playoffs but great improvement)–Toronto, Oakland

MVP–Miggy Cabrera

Cy Young–Jered Weaver


5 thoughts on “Pitchers, Catchers & Predictions

  1. I’m biased but I think my beloved Cubs pull a Wild Card this year. I think Milwaukee wins the NL Central, not Cincinnati. I don’t think Texas makes the playoffs. The AL Wildcard will come from the Central division too, with Detroit and Minnesota winning one or the other.

    Can’t wait for opening day!

  2. Jason Mikle

    What about Atlanta for wild card? We have a nice rotation, awesome bullpin, and a potent lineup (if Prado and Chipper get healthy). It will be interesting to see Freddie in Bobby’s seat and the young energy.

  3. brian

    REx, I like the cubbies, too and would love to see them do well.

    Mikle, I think Atlanta will be in competition with Central for Wild Card. very well could be

  4. I would agree that Atlanta will be in competition for the Wildcard and even though on paper they seem to have an insurmountable mountain to climb in trying to edge out the Phillies for the division, it is a long season and if the Phillies are not firing on all cylinders (as last year, their offense sputtered most of the season) then the Braves could realistically beat the Phillies.

    And Phillies fans need to remember that as great as that pitching rotation looks on paper, they must play half of their season at home in what is a very offensive (home-run) park.

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