Declaration of Dependence

I, Brian Nicklaus, being of sin-marred mind and ever-wasting-away body, hereby declare my total dependence on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to make it through each day in this broken world.

I make it known that rebellion is at my core, and only through constant help of the Spirit can I resist the urge to live for myself and put to death the deeds of the body.

I declare that I need God every hour of every day.  I admit that the longer I go without thinking of Him, the weaker I get.

I hereby make it known that I don’t trust myself and accept full responsibility for my lack of power, focus, and ability to please God without His grace, mercy and power.

I cling to the cross not only for my salvation, but also my daily strength, and the grace to grow in holiness, being conformed to the image of Jesus more and more.  Less of Self, More of thee until some day I reach None of Self, and All of Thee.


9 thoughts on “Declaration of Dependence

  1. Jeanne M.

    That song always gets me – “None of Self and All of Thee.” I want to sing that verse, but don’t believe I am all the way to that point yet. I still hang on to some things, even though I try to release them. Thank you for the list of reminders of how I truly want to be.

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