Twilight: A Review

(I decided to summarize and review the sensation “Twilight” for those who might be interested.  I have never seen the movie or read the books but ignorance has never stopped me or anyone else from blogging.)

Twilight has become a big moneymaker and huge part of American pop culture.  At the center is a pale, goth girl named Hermione, who is apparently kinda loose and has multiple boyfriends.

She has one boyfriend who likes to suck on girls necks.  Sounds like most teenage boys.  Her other guy grows lots of hair in strange places unexpectedly.  Hey, been there.  Done that. Many years ago.  She has a third boy who has a large zit on his forehead in the shape of the letter “N” and wears a dress.  It’s really typical John Hughes teen angst, but set in the middle ages.

These three part-time boyfriends go on a journey with an elf and a dwarf to save her from a dragon.  They laugh and joke (mostly bathroom humor) along the way and become friends.  Then after saving her, she chooses one of them by handing the boy a rose.

This kind of fare doesn’t really interest me, but hey, if you want to check it out, go for it.


5 thoughts on “Twilight: A Review

  1. Great . . . what was this . . . oh yeah, review. I appreciate the attention you paid to the details of the storyline. I feel as if I have already seen this story before . . . A young woman named Lea, who is rescued by a kid named Luke and his friend. They have a woolly pet named K-9 and they fly around in a TARDIS.

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