Go to Hell?

I would like to read Rob Bell’s new book but know that I won’t for a while.  I still haven’t read my copy of Edward Fudge’s book although I would like to.  But what it boils down to for me is…I don’t care whether those who reject Jesus suffer for a little while or a long while.  I don’t want to go there and I want to help others avoid that.

I will be preaching on it soon and plan to share the different opinions out there.

Something to consider:

If you will be disappointed if the unrighteous are not tormented eternally, I worry about you.

If you will no longer want to spend eternity with God if you find out the unrighteous will be tormented eternally, I worry about.

I am neither excited about nor is my faith tied to what God does with the wicked.  I do not believe God has to punish folk eternally to fulfill or manifest his Holiness.

I do not believe he would be “bad” or less loving if Hell is eternal in the traditional view.  I believe he has the right to do that if He so chooses and it would be just.

IMWO (worthless), eternal punishment wouldn’t diminish God’s Love one bit and temporary punishishment followed by annihilation wouldn’t diminish God’s Holiness one bit.

I look forward to reading blog posts that interact with Bell’s book and I do plan to read Fudge’s book at some point, but if you get it all figured out, please don’t let me know.

I’ll be just fine.


6 thoughts on “Go to Hell?

  1. Alicia Shelley

    Agree, Brian. I don’t want to see ANYONE go to Hell, but the definition of and governance over Hell is up to God, not us.

    We’re not worthy to judge others, or to sentence them to life apart from God. All we can do is pray for people and minister to them, such that before it is too late they turn to Jesus so that they never have to face Hell at all.

    But perhaps more of us, as Christians, should be concerned about spreading God’s Word so that that doesn’t happen?

  2. I was briefly interested in getting a copy of the book because of the controversy, but having heard more I just can’t bring myself to spend money on it. Essentially it looks to me like just another reordering of Western evangelical interpretations and popular theological assumptions in an attempt to come up with something more palatable to the post-modern mind.

    I believe in judgment and am not a universalist, but I don’t find endless conscious suffering in hell in Scripture. And YES I know the passages folks like to point out.

  3. Brian, I can tell you one thing for certain, I don’t know any more about hell than you do, and I don’t know how anyone can figure it out by what is written in the bible.

  4. I realized that our views on this subject do matter as they are a claim about God. However, my aim in life is not just to escape punishment whether that be eternal furry torment in a place called hell, the hell of annihilation, or whatever other view their is on the finality of the wicked. My goal is to know and gain Christ (cf. Phil 3.10-12). Also, whatever our view is on the doctrine of hell

  5. Sorry, my comment published too early. I meant to say that whatever our view is on the doctrine of hell, we cannot lose the word “hell” from the Christian vernacular and maintain a biblical worldview. Hell part of Jesus’ worldview and is part of the biblical story.

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