Google Maps and Grace

I need to say something about the really cool book:  A Common Bond, which is a collection of preachers’ stories about preaching and ministry, but first I want to share a story from our recent road trip to visit family.

Friday night in a Louisville hotel (of course, it might have been a Thursday night in an Arkansas hotel), I was laying in bed with my 7 year old son.  Out of the blue, he was grinning and said, “You hate Google maps.”

This was one of those moments when you are painfully reminded how closely your children are watching and listening to everything you say and do.

About a week before, the Google Maps app on my Blackberry had led us astray.  It was the second day of a long trip and we were going to sleep at my Uncle Tom’s Cabin (house, actually) north of Bowling Green, KY, in a rural area.

I was using the GPS function on my phone and it doesn’t speak but does list directions and show where you are on the map.

Even though the address was correct, Google Maps led us to a desolate gravel road 15 miles or so from my uncle’s house.

We had to call Uncle Tom, get phone directions a little at a time.  Then the lightning and thunder began.  It was frustrating.  We got in an hour later than expected, tired and frustrated at being lost in the dark.

Understandable annoyed, I made numerous comments about Google Maps.  I probably told the “getting lost thanks to phone” story at each stop but I don’t know how many times my son heard.

So when he brought it up a week later, I decided to do something about it.

I told him that maybe I should forgive Google Maps. It’s not nice to hate.  Jesus doesn’t hate.

He added, “yeah, and maybe you could tell it to work better in a nice way.” (I didn’t curse, btw)

So, the next day I picked up my phone as my wife looked at me like I was crazy (she had missed out on the whole discussion) and forgave Google Maps and told it that it needs to do better next time.



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