Dear Brother Paul,

We have been hearing and reading some disturbing news and would like for you to respond to our concerns.

We appreciate how you handled that wishy-washy Peter in the incident you wrote about to the Galatian churches.  That was a great example of preaching the Truth no matter what, keeping the old paths, etc.

We also appreciate you standing up for poor Titus, and not allowing him to have circumcision forced on him. Way to go, brother!

But you see, we have also read your letters to the Corinthians and what Luke wrote about your ministry in Acts.  You probably didn’t expect us to read ALL of them and find out how inconsistent you are.

Because we know, Brother Paul, that you did have Timothy circumcised in Acts 16:3.  Well?  This type of flip-flopping at the very least could mislead and confuse young and new Christians.  Which is it?  Do you believe in circumcision or not?

Then, we have your own words in 1 Corinthians 9 where you confess your very hypocrisy!!  Sometimes you obey the law and sometimes you don’t?  You put on a show in front of some groups, teach different things!  How can you call yourself an Apostle?!

You pretend to be weak.  You pretend to be a slave.  Well, are you for or against slavery??

If one day you are all cozy with Jews, how will they know they are lost?  You are hindering their salvation by your milquetoast, wishy-washy flim-flamming!  Speak the Truth!  Obey your own words!  A true Gospel Preacher would not let 8 seconds pass by without condemning all their man-made traditions.

We are concerned about these strange sounds and strange fire coming from your ministry.  In your writings you reveal yourself to be a hypocrite.  If you will not return to the old paths of sound doctrine and gospel preaching, we will have no other option but to disfellowship you.

Please reply soon as the latest edition of our publication is going to deadline and we need to know if we can publicly mark and disfellowship you before going to press.


Concerned brethren in Texas


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