Tweetsegesis= A portmanteau of Tweet (if you don’t know, I’m not telling) and exegesis (“Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text.”) (portmanteau=”a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings”)

Tweetsegesis for Dummies=I am gonna go back and elaborate on recent tweets.  I really needed more than 140 characters.

enjoyed #Thor, still liked Iron Man better. Cowboy and Aliens trailer was cool

Seriously, it’s kinda hard to get behind a “god,” ya know.  I mean, sure he’s got issues and stuff, but he’s a god, and a prince.  So, of course he rocks.  Give me an alcoholic, self-loathing genius or a nerdy photographer and a mutant spider any day.  I did enjoy the movie, although I don’t know why Natalie Portman was in it except Congress passed a law that every movie made now must have Natalie Portman in it.

I think I dreamed I was dating Amy Poehler. uhh, can’t decide if I should watch Parks and Rec tonight, or if I should tell my wife

The wierdest part is that she isn’t even the most attractive lady on her show.  I would suggest Rashida Jones is more physically attractive, and if I were to have a celebrity crush on a nerdy, funny, woman (a conscious one during waking hours), I would definitely choose Tina Fey.

Jered Weaver loses no-hitter in the top of first inning #angels #mlb

If you don’t care about baseball or think fantasy sports is stupid, move along.  But I have pitchers who are really good who pitch for teams who either don’t score many runs, don’t score many runs while this certain pitcher is playing, or (the most annoying of all) only seem to score late innings runs when my pitcher is out of the game.  See also this tweet: “Cliff Lee pitches good. Phillies don’t score. They will at least tie it after he is out. Doesn’t help my fantasy team.”

Thinking about Osama bin Laden’s mother today

I tweeted this on Mother’s Day.  I wasn’t trying to stir up trouble, just seriously wondering.  Is she an America-Hater who is secretly proud of her son.  I assume publicly the family disavowed his actions.  Or is she like the mother of any murderer?  Embarassed and ashamed.  Yet, still wishing he would change, come home.  I feel sorry for his family, just as I feel sorry for all the 9-11 victims’ families.

Strangely, felt like blogging a lot this week: And a Music poll coming tomorrow

OK.  So, now….I am blogging about a tweet about blogging.  Hold on…..*headache*.  Sadly, after having a few thoughts or ideas to share, I decided to just post videos on my blog.  How cheap.  I started doing something but then wanted to have something new on my blog and posted other stuff.  For this I apologize and promise not to do it again, even it means this will be my last post till August.  Also learned that none of my readers care about Beastie Boys.  That’s probably a good thing.

After many years, it took a true friend to finally introduce me to the #Pixies. Thanks #Pandora! Shame on the rest of you

Seriously, I like the Pixies now.  If it were 1989, I would almost be cool.  Even now, as I listen to songs, I don’t recognize any of them.  How weird. Surely they were on the radio at some point in my life.  How did I go so long oblivious to a cool band.  By the way, Pandora has comedy clips now, been laughing to Mitch Hedberg, Ellen, Classic Kinison, Foxworthy, etc.


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