Reality TV Outreach Ministry (RTVOM)

I think we really need a 501(c)3 Christian organization dedicated to reaching out to these poor people on Reality TV shows.

I am not volunteering.  I would feel much more comfortable serving sex offenders, ex-offenders and the homeless.

Who are these people?

In essence, I don’t believe they are any more broken and messed up than the rest of us, but what sets them apart, is their desire to expose their “messed-up-ness” on television.  I might be willing to open up to close friends and Christians, but feel no need to let my freak flag fly on a major network.  And then you have the sad cases of the oblivious and “self-awareness challenged” that fill up American Idol and many of these shows.

There are many ways to date and meet people (church, online, etc.) without going on national TV to drink wine and ride in helicopters and have your heart break in a limo.  I really believe future generations will look back at the Bachelor as we look back at the work of Dr. Kinsey and Dr. Mengele.  Super Dates and Fantasy Suites are pretty far from reality.

I tweeted about Bachelor recently and had America’s favorite sociopath, Bentley, follow me.  That was scary.  But I tweeted him back to ask, “so, I suppose ur gonna follow me a couple of weeks and be super nice before blocking me?” (if you didn’t see the show, you won’t get it)

I took my kids to an eating establishment that caters to kids recently and while in the playroom, a guy hit a telephone outside.  I called 911 to make sure the police knew, but didn’t feel the need to go outside and stare as many did.  Some helped.  Some just took pictures.  I may have tweeted, I can’t remember. Oh, I did take a picture of the car and pole as I drove away, but not of the guy (who seemed okay).

Reality TV is train-wreck TV for the most part (with a few positive exceptions such as weight loss and building houses for families in need).  Sometimes I force myself not to look.  You know, you can pray without seeing everything that happened.

Rubbernecking often leads to more accidents.  I wonder what type of accidents staring at Reality TV causes.


3 thoughts on “Reality TV Outreach Ministry (RTVOM)

  1. Dede

    Wow, comparing reality TV to an SS officer who tortured children and a doctor who encouraged child sex abuse? Perhaps a little drastic? But I do agree that reality TV is people signing up to be lab rats in front of the world and is unrealistic/train-wreckish. And hard to not watch.

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