Fake Crying vs Real Crying

This will go into the book I want to write about what my kids have taught me about God and church.  But for now, it’s just a simple blog post.

I have gotten good at distinguishing the “I fell and hit my head” cries from the “mom won’t let me do something”  cries.

I am not always exactly right, but usually I know.  It’s because I know my kids.  I am often downstairs in the office, working or playing, and I hear tears.  If I hear a *thud* first, then it’s obvious.  But if I don’t hear a thud and the crying comes first I listen as I walk towards the stairs.

If it’s an injury cry (physical or emotional) I will usually come on up even if I am supposed to be working. If it’s a whiny cry, I wait and ask the wife later about it.

I am trying to practice this in church as well.  I really don’t get that many “complaints.”  But when someone expresses something, I try and distinguish if it’s for real.  Sometimes people complain about something because they don’t want to bring up what’s really bothering them.  Sometimes they got their feelings hurt.  Someone didn’t get their way.  Sometimes they are just cranky.  I know I get that way at times.

But often, there is some true hurt underneath it all that needs to be addressed.  I don’t always know what to do, but can always pray and listen.


One thought on “Fake Crying vs Real Crying

  1. My experience is that complaints often tell you more about the complainer than the thing being complained about. You learn about their emotional state. You learn about their maturity. You learn about their level of satisfaction, as well.

    As you said, there is often a hurt that is hidden under that complaint.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

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