I love 90s Music!

I am going to throw out some lists of favorite bands, albums, songs, and one-hit wonders of the 90s, my favorite decade of music in the coming days.  I have invited some friends from as far back as high school and some so recent I haven’t even met in person yet.  They all love music, some more than I do.  They will be talking about their favorites as well.

I spent the 90s in high school and college.  In the late 80s I worked in tobacco one summer and bought a CD player.  Little did I know that a component system would not play without a receiver and speakers, so I had to listen with headphones for a year or two before getting the rest.  The first CDs I bought were Eagles Greatest Hits and Led Zeppelin IV (obviously not a part of this series).  I mention this because the 90s was also a time of CDs.  Technology was changing and music was changing a little as well, the once-every-decade (hopefully) shakeup.  Seattle became a big deal.  Grunge, alternative…whatever you call it was reaching mainstream.

In 1990 I started high school.   My mother died that December and things changed a lot.  I loved music.  I would often listen to it in bed at night for a long time (still do).  I remember the first time I heard “Like  Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan in the winter of 91 laying in bed.

There are two parts to music.  The music itself.  A great song is a great song.  “Sweet Child O Mine” is a great song but the fact that my sister played the cassette single every morning in her tan Camry as she drove both of us to school my 8th grade year and her senior year is something else.

Also, I can’t hear “Plush” or Dre’s “It’s been a Good Day” without being transported to Journalism camp in Bowling Green, KY, in the Summer of 1993.

Offspring’s “Come out and Play”, REM’s entire Monster album, Green Day’s Dookie and Weezer’s blue album automatically take me to my college years.

So, we will be talking about music but also about memories, life, childhood.  Nostalgia just like in “Sweet Child O Mine” is a powerful thing.  Music can take us back.  Maybe that is why I like 90s music so much.

That and awesome guitar playing.


4 thoughts on “I love 90s Music!

  1. The 90s was by far the best decade for music – bands like Nirvana, Counting Crows, Alanis Morisette and Oasis means that although there was still some really bad stuff, it is always going to be outweighed by the truly great stuff!

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