Thankful for the Sacrifices

(What exactly are you thankful for today? Yes, we should be thankful, but maybe we should be more aware of the destruction and loss of life that it took to give us what we have.  Yay, we were the winners.  But that means we killed more of them than they killed of us.  Was it worth it?  Just something to think about.  I turned off the comments. Enjoy your hot dog.)


I just wanted to express my gratitude to all the foreigners who died–bravely or cowardly–on the battlefield against American Forces so that America could be the great country that it is today.

Without the deaths of thousands upon thousands of British, African Slaves, Confederates, Native Americans, Spanish/Mexicans, Philippinos, Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Arabs across the world, we wouldn’t have the freedom to call the President a D**K on cable TV, to publish pornography, to own that second or third car, to have cable TV in every room, to participate in a two-party political system, to have cheap prices thanks to child labor in other foreign lands, to allow gay marriage, or to assemble in comfy, air-conditioned church buildings un-molested just like God promised us.

Of course, this is in addition to our brave men and women who also fought and died to provide us these blessings.