90s Music: Favorite Albums

I might still come back and write about one band but I jumped to my favorite albums of the decade.  I am sure there are many other albums I would like a lot if I heard the entire disc, but I am focusing on what I know and what I like.

Nirvana’s “Nevermind”

  • Just changed everything, in my mind.  Solid, deep album.  Bleach even had some highlights, In Utero was harder and softer, the Acoustic album was beyond amazing, but this one, this one means more to me.
  • Drain you may be my fav, or breed, no wait…

Alice in Chains’ “Dirt”

  • Depressing but powerful.
  • Angry Chair is almost as good as Down in a Hole.  As long as you aren’t suicidal, Down in a Hole is the best possibly depressing song you could listen to while blue.

REM’s “Monster”

  • Automatic for the People was a fine album, but I liked the change of pace Monster.
  • Star 69, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth, etc.

Weezer’s debut

  • A lot more than just “Buddy Holly”
  • “If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread while I walk away”

Black Crowes’ “Shake Your Money Maker”

  • Was there another band like them in the 90s?
  • Piano rock is under-rated
  • I love blues rock, definitely a Stones vibe.
  • Not much music on my lists make you wanna dance and move, but The Crowes did, and still do.

Smashing Pumpkins’ “Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”

  • I am sure others prefer Siamese Dream but this double disc was one I owned.
  • There were so many distinct voices in this decade.  Corigan had a great sound.
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings is the best song on there.

Bush’s “Sixteen Stone”

  • I have heard them described as a Nirvana rip-off.  Never thought that, and it still doesn’t make sense when I listen.
  • Did England just give up after the Original British Invasion, then the punk explosion?  And don’t you dare bring up Coldplay!
  • Lots anger, emotion, great guitars, I love the vocals by Gavin whatsisname.
  • Glycerine!

Metallica’s “Black Album”

  • “One” from “and Justice…” is what made me like them.  But I never was totally into the thrash stuff.  I did like Master of Puppets (the song) and Battery, Fade to Black.
  • The black album, though, was solid.  You might could say a little repetitive, but solid.

Soundgarden’s “Superunknown”

  • What pipes on that Cornell fellow!!  Hard to choose between the 2 main early albums.
  • Depressing Seattle music.  Raining 300 days a year may be bad for many things but it is great for music.
  • Black Hole Sun, Fell on Bad Days.  It’s a wonder the whole city of Seattle hasn’t committed suicide, yet.

Stone Temple Pilots’ “Core”

  • I suppose I would choose Core over Tiny Music although it’s close.
  • Plush brings back memories.
  • They had a bit of 70s rock in them, along with the grunge sound.  Interstate Love Song (from a diff album), for example.
  • “Big Bang Baby” from a different album is another “relistenable” song.  Hard to turn off or skip over.

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