So, what’s new with you?

Summer time is nearing an end in the great NE.  I know most of you have kids back in school.  We have 3 weeks to go.

It’s been a busy time with camp and Vacation Bible Schools.  My boy went to camp for the first time this month.  He liked it.

I haven’t been as social on the interwebs partially because of busyness, partially because of my summer hobby of fantasy baseball. I am in a tight race for First with 6 weeks to go.

I have also seen Twitter affect my blog visits.  Now, I have to see an article tweeted by a least a couple of people (author doesn’t count) before I check it out, and even then, I am a week behind everyone.  Sometimes, the posts have even created controversy and been pulled before I even find out about it (thanks Don Miller and Rachel Evans).

Check this out:  there is an album of current bands covering original songs from the Muppets!!  You can listen at the link to cool, sometimes rocked-out versions of “Movin’ Right Along”, “Rainbow Connection”, “Bein’ Green”, and the opening song from the TV show.

I am now going to take this opportunity to complain a little.  It’s kinda like whining into a vacuum but without the fear of getting my tongue caught.

I finally saw an allergist for a test back in June.  I am only allergic to dust (mites), which was kinda surprising that it wasn’t more things, but also helpful.  So, I starting taking a nasal steroid and can’t get it to work in my right nostril.  It was blocked, maybe with a polyp, the doc later told me.  Then I come back from camp with a lot of congestion in my head/throat/chest.  Doctor recommends a nasal rinse and overdosing on Mucinex-D.  The cops are staking out my house b/c they assume I am making meth now.  Haven’t taken any antibiotics although it may have passed to an infection at some point but i was so drugged with OTC stuff I didn’t notice.

I had to add lots of ibuprofen for the throat/gland pain.  Then the congestion moved to my ear.  It’s mostly better now. But still have plenty of snot to share on some days.

Another doctor with another issue let me try some samples which have had me waking up a lot between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.  I switched to taking it in the morning to see how it goes.  All this to say, “I feel old.”

so, how has your summer been.  what’s new with you?


6 thoughts on “So, what’s new with you?

  1. Dede

    Aw, your summer sounds pretty awful.

    After getting home from camp I was feeling AWFUL and so I went to the doctor (after a week of complaining to my parents) and he said that I probably had a mild sinus infection and that on the antibiotics he gave me I would feel better in 4 days.

    It has now been a month and 2 more trips to the doctor and I am finally feeling better and no longer have the sinus headaches (this last trip he said maybe I actually had chronic sinusitus…).

    Haha, but besides that Ive actually had a great time at work and am super excited to return to school (and I even get to keep working with this lab from school!).

    Hope you feel better!
    -Dede (or Danielle or D, whatever =] )

  2. brian

    you, too, huh? i guess it’s a camp thing. all the dust, allergens, plus the heat and schedule.
    glad you are better, I am mostly better, just annoyed at the lingering snot

    have a great semester, see if you can cure cancer by the Christmas break

  3. Been busy watching the boys. Blogging regularly agian. Controversial, I mean conversational as usual. LOL Looking for a job like the other 100,000,000 American’s

  4. jeff

    My summer has been just fine. Was thinking about you recently as the Brewers moved 10 games up in the NL Central, wondering if you want to revisit those pre-season picks you did and notice if there was anyone who picked the Brewers. Granted the season is not over and my teams have a habit of falling apart, but I’m willing to take that chance for some premature bragging.

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