Hmmmm, very interesting quote:

“A hypocrite has no real delight in the service of God, or in his truth, but it is true at the same time that there may be a great deal of professed interest in religion. There may be a great deal of busy and bustling solicitude about the order of religious services; the external organization of the church; the ranks of the clergy; and the claims of a liturgy. There may be much pleasure in theological discussion; in the metaphysics of theology; in the defense of what is deemed orthodoxy. There may be much pleasure in the mere music of devotion. There may be pleasure in the voice of a preacher, and in the power of his arguments. And there may be much pleasure in the advancement of the denomination to which we are attached; the conversion of people not from sin, but from a side opposite to us; and not to holiness and to God, but to our party and denomination. True delight in religion is in religion itself; in the service of God as such, and because it is holy. It is not mere pleasure in creeds, and liturgies, and theological discussions, and in the triumph of our cause, nor even in the triumph of Christianity as a mere party measure; but it is delight in God as he is, in his holy service, and in his truth. ”

Albert  Barnes


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm, very interesting quote:

  1. Wow. Great quote, and very convicting! And I suspect that many of us are unintentional hypocrites per the above; we truly strive to serve God but get caught up in the administrata and are diverted onto the hypocritical path quoted. That’s why we have to often re-evaluate our own heart to ensure that we’re on the right path.

  2. brian

    yeah, we talked about the church at Sardis (asia minor, not MS) sunday am class, the one with a reputation of being alive but Jesus said they were dead. self-examination is crucial, but we don’t talk much about it.

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