My Girl

My girl had a rough time after lunch.  They had saved up some dollars and since we were going to Panera for lunch, Mom said they could spend their money at 5 Below which is beside Panera.  We have made the mistake of going to Toys R  Us when they only had 5-10 dollars and that is pretty much torture.  But they both had that much this time so we knew they would be able to get something.

Except my daughter couldn’t decide.  Mom said we could go to Target, although I wasn’t expecting that and needed to get home.  But Mom took the boy to Petco since he had already got a couple of cheap things while I took the girl to Target.  She passed through all the aisles while I pointed out which toys were in her $8 price range.

She couldn’t decide.  I said it was time to go.  She began crying.  I told her she could save her money and spend it next time.  We walked through the aisles another time before I went and gathered 3-4 things she could afford and laid them out in front of her.  Still no decision.  We walked back to the car.  She had stopped crying but was pretty sad.

So, now you understand why I didn’t notice the Earthquake.


Tonight she had locked the door to her room.  She does that occasionally but we really don’t like it.  (it is easy to open with a pocket knife).  30 minutes later she came out claiming she had a “surprise” for us.  I don’t know know who was the more scared, my wife or me.  But she had cleaned up, straightened up her room all by herself without anyone telling her to.  GASP!!!!

This was at the end of the same day when we had to send kids’ to their respective rooms before lunch and the aforementioned shopping anxiety breakdown.

Of course, by shower time she was dragging and so “tiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeddddd” and whiny.


I mentioned a few months ago the my girl was going through her daddy phase.  Well, she moved on to a mommy phase in the last month or so.

She is fixated on being a mommy and being like her mom.  She has borrowed mom’s jewelry a lot. Her grandmother told her a story about my wife as a little girl when she had talked all through a long road trip.  Later, my daughter told me, “I am just like my mom because I talk a lot.”  Her mother outgrew that.  We will see about this new generation.

The main thing though is that she has chosen one baby doll as her child.  She has always played with her dolls but never this specific.

She finally named her Ella (after her friend she met in VA).  She takes her everywhere.  She has a night-time routine, which I haven’t seen all of but when I tell her it’s time for a shower, she replies, “I have to dry and comb baby’s hair”, which she does in our bathroom, just as her mom does to her.  The baby has two dresses, one for day time and the other for PJs.

She was telling us recently how Ella did sooo good to fall asleep without crying the night before.

In the car now, we not only have to wait for our two kids to buckle up, but for my daughter to buckle Ella.  She lost a toy bottle and kept telling us that Baby Ella was sick and she needed to find her bottle.  She was holding and feeding her at the table at lunch one day and we we caved and bought a new bottle.  Of course, we found the other one a week later.

She has a bag (diaper bag) she carries around and Ella goes with us most places.  Sometimes we are even asked to watch Ella while Eva goes to the bathroom or something else.  Ella sleeps in a wooden rocking cradle on the floor by her bed.

Baby Ella, buckled up

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