Hurricane Irene Playlist #2

Aaaah, the Scorpions.  Great 80s rock and a great song.  I forgot how creepy and funny the video was and how much the lead singer looked like comedian Steven Wright. If you can stay until 3:45 when he holds the microphone in a weird upside down manner.

And this next song is our plan.  My wife, who grew up near New Orleans, says they never left town for Hurricanes.


One thought on “Hurricane Irene Playlist #2

  1. Loved the REO vid. I’ve always like the sound Gary got out of his guitar. Always wondered what the rig was like (I’m sure someone has posted it somewhere on the Web). Once met Neal Doughty the morning after an REO concert I’d gone to the night before in Oklahoma City. Turns out, I’d stayed at the same hotel as the band. He’s very shy. When I approached him and asked if he was who I thought he was, his wife/girlfriend walked over and answered for him, “Yes, he is.” After that he warmed up a little and gave me his autograph on the hotel’s matchbook.

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