Goodbye, Irene!

Well, it has certainly been an interesting week.

The TV/Media was hyper but,  thankfully, things weren’t as bad as they predicted, but we still ended up with a pretty good mess.

Saturday, August 27th 

We prepped.  Made sure we had some supplies on hand.  The day before we bought water and filled our car with gas.  We thought we might end up leaving for PA when the roads cleared.  (it turned out that Marisa’s in-laws were also without power until Tuesday evening).

Worship services were cancelled because the worst winds were expected for mid-morning.

We slept downstairs with the kids.  Large trees in saturated earth falling on the house was the main fear.  We leaned an 8 x 4 foot plywood board against the window and slept.  We slept pretty well.  I woke up at 4 and Marisa woke up at 6 but the kids slept through the whole thing.

Sunday, August 28th

Power had gone out in the night.  We had cold coffee and bagels for breakfast.  The worst of the storm had already passed.  And for this we were very grateful.  We had sandwiches for lunch.  We had prepared some tea and had milk left.

That afternoon we realized our freezer food was in danger so we found church friends who had power and drove to their house in town, about 5 miles away.  It took 40 minutes.  We finally saw a lot of the damage.  Big trees down, most didn’t break off, they roots popped up with the base.  The railroad tracks run through our town with traffic going beneath.  We only found one that wasn’t flooded in a 2 mile stretch.  We finally arrived and it took a long time to get back.

Some in our town had power, others didn’t.  Some got it back in the afternoon, we didn’t.

By that evening the church building had power, so I was able to check email and get online for awhile.

We grilled out leftovers that night, and sang songs and told stories around the grill.  Made some hot chocolate and coffee as well.  The kids loved sleeping downstairs and loved the “campfire.”

Monday, August 29th

We went driving late morning for coffee and donuts.  After passing many closed Starbucks and DDs, we finally found one but it didn’t have donuts.  Saw a lot more destruction, especially flooding in Cranford.  That community, which borders us, had a lot of problems.

That afternoon, we discovered that we still had some hot water so we got showers.  That was wonderful.  We picked up a few limbs in the yard and let the kids watch cartoons at the church building.  That night we had a limited options and ate at Olive Garden.  They only had coke, diet coke and water to drink.  But it was nice to get out.

Tuesday, August 30th

At some point early Tuesday morning, our power came on.  We took showers, got online, the kids watched cartoons, we enjoyed coffee.

But around 2 pm that afternoon, it was out again.  Very annoying and discouraging.  Some reports were saying that it would take till the weekend to get power back.

Friends from church took us out for dinner that night, which was a nice break and good fellowship.

I could tell much the week was weighing on me by how my the kids were DRIVING ME COMPLETELY BAT-CRAZY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s strange.  This wasn’t one of the most difficult weeks of my life, probably not in the top 100.  But I just feel off.  Hard to focus and know what to do next with the uncertainty and inconvenience.  Concern for others.

Wednesday, August 31st

This morning, I brought the kids to the building to watch a cartoon while I prepped some things for bible class tonight and made some phone calls.  Still haven’t talked to everyone in the church but most are okay, most have power now, a couple had some bad basement damage.

We ate lunch at the church building using the microwave.  The wife went home and called to say power was back on at the house.  Yay!  Let’s just hope it’s not another evil trick.

I am still thinking and may blog more about our week, but it wasn’t really that bad.  Others in our community our worse.  Vermont seems to be in terrible shape.  And the worse Irene sufferer is doing a lot better than most people in the world on their average day.




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