One More Thought

It’s impressive what people can accomplish without God.

I am referring to atheists and unbelievers who by determination and hard work build companies, invent things, accomplish a lot in their life.

Of course, God allows them to do and work and accomplish things.

My question or concern is this:  If God allows them to do so much without Him, I wonder how much we do “for God” that isn’t really what He wants but he allows it anyway.

Determination, hard work, great plans are all great, but God may be allowing us to do what we want just as he does with people who don’t love and believe Him.

It’s great to do a lot for the Lord, but it’s vital that we are doing His Will.


90s Music: 20 Eye Goo Blossoms

(remember back in July when I started a series on 90s music?  Well, it fell apart, but I did write this back then)

There is a sub-genre in the 90s which every period has, but I really like it in this decade. These bands are kinda pop, but not terrible. Better than the one-hit wonders still to be discussed because they had 2-3 memorable songs, maybe a decent second album. But no top albums of the decade or top bands, in my opinion. Maybe top 20 if I were to go that high.

I suppose these bands, which I love, are the equivalent to the Journey/Foreigner/Bad Company bands of the 70s that I often mock.


  • Also fits into the TMI dysfunctional childhood genre with “Father of Mine.”
  • “Santa Monica” requires cranking up the volume while in the car, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Matchbox 20

  • Push: not nice song, but soooo catchy
  • “It’s 3 am I must be listening to this song over and over”

Third Eye Blind

  • Semi-charmed life, as I recall was the bigger hit, but give me Jumper, and even How’s it gonna be

Goo Goo Dolls

  • Acoustic guitar, love ballads.  they did it well

Gin Blossoms

  • I would like to invent a word just for “Hey Jealousy”:  “re-listenability”.  I never tire of it.  Won’t change the channel or hit next on the MP3 player.  It may be the perfect pop song.

Jumper and Hey Jealousy definitely make my top 20 songs for the decade.  I never tire of them.

Throw in Live and Collective Soul, as well.

Thinking some Thoughts about some Things

So, have the radio stations conspired to all play ads at the same time?  That is so frustrating.  Is it like a game of chicken to so who can run the most ads before another channel switches to a song?  Who cares about collusion in the sports world, congress needs to look at this.


Our congregation is having a 60th Anniversary in less than two weeks.  It’s a great time for reflecting except I am so busy working on it in addition to the regular schedule that I don’t have much time to reflect.  Ironic, huh?


What should my response be to the fact my package of almonds lists “almonds” under ingredients and then follows it with an allergy warning, “contains almonds?”  I could rant and rave about our educational system, our litigious society, or even the packaging on generic packages of almonds.  Or I could chuckle and move on.


The moment we decide we can not accept the original meaning of the word “of” in “Church of Christ” we have become a denomination.  If we don’t want to be simply known as a church that belongs to Jesus, what is wrong with us?  If we can’t tolerate someone putting “Church belonging to Christ (or even Jesus) on the letterheard or the church sign, what happened?  We have made a single name where the Bible uses many.  We have made the name “Church of Christ” sectarian and use it in a sense different from the first believers. We have become the “enemy.”


Along the same lines, I get tired of churches and preachers that emphasize Bible-basis, Bible only, Bible-foundation all the time and then hear people make decisions based upon what the baptists, pentecostals do or don’t do.  Give me a break!  Let’s make decisions based on the Bible and not worry what others are doing or not doing.


So this baby was born on an airplane.  The parents are Philippino citizens.  The plane was en route to Boston, USA.  And the citizenship status uproar has begun.  I sure hope they figure it out before the kid decides to run for president.

Ahhhhhh……the NFL (including Picks)

I suppose I should have made my picks on Friday at the latest but was tired and busy.  Then, our TV goes “kerplunk” on opening weekend for football.  Not that I have much time in the afternoon, after all, I work some on Sunday.  Sunday Night Football, though, is a great way to end a busy day.  I am worn out (mainly because I am an introvert) and falling asleep on the couch to football is so relaxing.

Plus, Jets against the Cowboys is a great game.  I am not a huge Jets fan but like to root for local teams (excepting Yankees in baseball).  And….I love to root against the Cowboys.  It’s a sign of love for my friends.  There are so many Cowgirl fans and I know so many, that I love it when they fail.

I was listening to the radio last night and loved it.  Assumed the Jets would lose.  They should have lost.  The main difference (besides luck) is that the Jets have won a few comebacks/close games in the last two seasons, as well as playing some tight playoff games.  Dallas, with all their talent haven’t done much of that.  Poor Romo.

Anyway, my picks:



Green Bay Packers


Philly Eagles


New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

Wild Cards:   Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons



Pittsburgh Steelers


Tennessee Titans


New Jersey Jets


San Diego Chargers

Wild Cards:  New England Patriots, Houston Texans

There are surprises each season.  I took some risks for fun.  Who do you expect to make the playoffs?