Ahhhhhh……the NFL (including Picks)

I suppose I should have made my picks on Friday at the latest but was tired and busy.  Then, our TV goes “kerplunk” on opening weekend for football.  Not that I have much time in the afternoon, after all, I work some on Sunday.  Sunday Night Football, though, is a great way to end a busy day.  I am worn out (mainly because I am an introvert) and falling asleep on the couch to football is so relaxing.

Plus, Jets against the Cowboys is a great game.  I am not a huge Jets fan but like to root for local teams (excepting Yankees in baseball).  And….I love to root against the Cowboys.  It’s a sign of love for my friends.  There are so many Cowgirl fans and I know so many, that I love it when they fail.

I was listening to the radio last night and loved it.  Assumed the Jets would lose.  They should have lost.  The main difference (besides luck) is that the Jets have won a few comebacks/close games in the last two seasons, as well as playing some tight playoff games.  Dallas, with all their talent haven’t done much of that.  Poor Romo.

Anyway, my picks:



Green Bay Packers


Philly Eagles


New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

Wild Cards:   Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons



Pittsburgh Steelers


Tennessee Titans


New Jersey Jets


San Diego Chargers

Wild Cards:  New England Patriots, Houston Texans

There are surprises each season.  I took some risks for fun.  Who do you expect to make the playoffs?


5 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh……the NFL (including Picks)

  1. I will tell you one thing, if the cowboys don’t make the playoffs, Romeo and the redheaded coach will be looking for a job.good riddance as far as I am concerned. I think they both are way over rated.

  2. brian

    i kinda feel sorry for you guys, and I actually kinda like the team, definitely feel bad for Romo.
    he has had a nice run for a guy from a small college, in football and dating

  3. brian

    as much as I would love for Baltimore to take over that division at least for a couple of years, and as bad as Pitts O-line might be, and as old as their D is, that was only one game.

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