Thinking some Thoughts about some Things

So, have the radio stations conspired to all play ads at the same time?  That is so frustrating.  Is it like a game of chicken to so who can run the most ads before another channel switches to a song?  Who cares about collusion in the sports world, congress needs to look at this.


Our congregation is having a 60th Anniversary in less than two weeks.  It’s a great time for reflecting except I am so busy working on it in addition to the regular schedule that I don’t have much time to reflect.  Ironic, huh?


What should my response be to the fact my package of almonds lists “almonds” under ingredients and then follows it with an allergy warning, “contains almonds?”  I could rant and rave about our educational system, our litigious society, or even the packaging on generic packages of almonds.  Or I could chuckle and move on.


The moment we decide we can not accept the original meaning of the word “of” in “Church of Christ” we have become a denomination.  If we don’t want to be simply known as a church that belongs to Jesus, what is wrong with us?  If we can’t tolerate someone putting “Church belonging to Christ (or even Jesus) on the letterheard or the church sign, what happened?  We have made a single name where the Bible uses many.  We have made the name “Church of Christ” sectarian and use it in a sense different from the first believers. We have become the “enemy.”


Along the same lines, I get tired of churches and preachers that emphasize Bible-basis, Bible only, Bible-foundation all the time and then hear people make decisions based upon what the baptists, pentecostals do or don’t do.  Give me a break!  Let’s make decisions based on the Bible and not worry what others are doing or not doing.


So this baby was born on an airplane.  The parents are Philippino citizens.  The plane was en route to Boston, USA.  And the citizenship status uproar has begun.  I sure hope they figure it out before the kid decides to run for president.


4 thoughts on “Thinking some Thoughts about some Things

  1. Well, I tried to like this post but couldn’t figure out how… basically: LIKE 🙂 (Yes, I know that this is a sad reflection on my generation that I cannot come up with an actual comment but instead my feedback is limited to ‘Like’ and not ‘Like’)

  2. brian

    thanks, d
    I do have tweet and facebook buttons but not a like button, I will to figure that out someday
    you crazy kids

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