One More Thought

It’s impressive what people can accomplish without God.

I am referring to atheists and unbelievers who by determination and hard work build companies, invent things, accomplish a lot in their life.

Of course, God allows them to do and work and accomplish things.

My question or concern is this:  If God allows them to do so much without Him, I wonder how much we do “for God” that isn’t really what He wants but he allows it anyway.

Determination, hard work, great plans are all great, but God may be allowing us to do what we want just as he does with people who don’t love and believe Him.

It’s great to do a lot for the Lord, but it’s vital that we are doing His Will.


4 thoughts on “One More Thought

  1. This is a great point! When I was younger I was convinced I was supposed to be a missionary. I kept trying to find ways to go on missions but it always fell through. After several years I began to understand that perhaps i’m missing Gods will. Perhaps Gods plan isn’t for me to be out in some other country – but to be right here where I am. After all, the present is all we have. If I can’t serve God here where I am now then how could I serve Him out there somewhere else.

  2. Wow, Brian…GREAT question!! And a convicting one at that. As someone who is on a large church’s Administrative Board, I know that a lot of hard work, planning, and prayer go into the decisions that are made for the church, but how often do we stop and listen for an answer to those prayers before charging headfirst? I’m confident of the intentions of our church, but people’s intentions are for naught compared to our Heavenly Father’s Will!

  3. jeff

    Also reminds me of Psalm 106:15, “And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.” Just because you get what you asked God for doesn’t mean it was right or His will!

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