A boy named…..

(Update:  We have decided to call him “Benjie”.  I don’t know if it was anyone’s favorite, but a good compromise)

Sandy?  Maybe.

Yesterday we drove a couple of hours into PA near Reading (pronounced Redding) to see a puppy that we thought we might actually buy.  There’s a long story that involves a few weeks of searching petfinder and trying to find an adult dog through a shelter.  In NJ, it’s ridiculous.  These organizations do home visits. You have to pay a fee just to be able to put in a request for a dog.  They don’t like to place dogs with first-time owners.  I seriously believe it’s easier to adopt a child in NJ than to get a dog.

Then my wife (who has been religiously searching the internet for the perfect dog for our family) found a puppy in PA.  Its dad is a mini poodle.  The mom a golden retriever.  Labradoodle (my favorite pooch portmanteau). 14 weeks old.  Fluffy little boy.  The owner/seller gave him the name Benji.  We haven’t decided on a name yet.  My girl suggested Lollipop.  I like Sandy.  The wife likes Benji. We got to play with him in a fenced in area.  The kids laughed and cackled.  My birthday girl was a little apprehensive but liked him.  The visit went well, the kids said, “YES!” so we brought him home.

We had nylon, pop-up carrying case.  It was big enough but there still wasn’t a lot of space.  And the poor dog got car sick.  Less than 20 minutes down some windy roads he ralphed.  We gagged and laughed.  Pulled off in a cemetery to clean him and the carrier.  A few minutes later, more doggy barf.  And then again, so I took the kids inside some fast food place to eat while mom cleaned him up again.  One last time, but we needed gas for the drive home anyway.

After that, the wife drove, I held the pooch in my lap inside the carrier but petted him the entire 2 hour remaining drive home.

Made it home without any more puke. He took awhile to sniff around.  Went potty once outside.  Was playful with a plastic dish we put water in and a towel.  When we closed him up in the bathroom to sleep, he howled a little but calmed down.

It’s weird having a baby around.  It still hasn’t sunk in.  I am sure after cleaning up some of his messes reality will hit.  He howled and cried only a couple of times after we shut him up in our bathro0m for the night.  He was happy to see us this morning.

He is a typical puppy. Likes to play.  We are excited about our new edition.


5 thoughts on “A boy named…..

  1. Congratulations on the new addition, guys! Dogs are WONDERFUL family members, but just remember, it’s a long-term commitment, possibly longer than you’ll have the kids at home. One of our dogs, Cat, is still with us 15 years later, so be prepared for the long haul!! 🙂

  2. brian

    “upchuck” that’s a good one, jel

    thanks alicia, yeah, we kinda did it for the kids, especially the boy, but wife and I like him a lot, and know that we will be doing most of the work.

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