The Pixies

You have probably figured out that I love music.  I love Dvorak as much as I love Bob Dylan and Nirvana.  I love Dwight Yoakam and Third Day and Eminem (some of his, anyway).

I finally discovered the Pixies back in the spring.  Only 20 years late.  I was blown away.  By their music AND by the fact I don’t recognize any song or video.  At least by my college days (94-98), I should have come across them.  I feel that my music-loving friends let me down.

I have always heard of them bought thought they were a chick band.  I followed a link from an article that was on a sports site, and it went to a live youtube video of “Where is my Mind?”  I was hooked.  I plugged “Pixies” into Pandora.  Then I bought their greatest hits.

Anyway, since I downloaded their greatest hits back in May/June, I have practically worn out the MP3 files.

The are kinda like the musical evolutionary link between punk and grunge/alternative.  Kurt Cobain said he was just trying to be the Pixies.  Their bassist is a chick who was also in the band Breeders, which you might remember their song “Cannonball” from the 90s.  They have male and female lead vocals on some songs, or took turns.  They broke up in the mid 90s.

Bizarre lyrics.  Great guitar.  Some screaming.  Also some mellow tracks.

Here is what David Bowie says about them, followed by my favorite songs:

Favorite Hits

  1. Debaser
  2. Bone Machine
  3. Trompe Le Monde
  4. Where is my mind?
  5. I bleed
  6. Gouge Away
  7. Alec Eiffel
  8. Mr Grieves
  9. Broken Face
  10. Dig for Fire

And, by the way, I am going to see them live TONIGHT in Asbury Park!!!  Woo-hoo!!!


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