Diatribes against Christmas, part 2

This is almost sadly humorous.  The writer appeals to a Baptist minister while insulting him in the same article.  He is “amazed” that a baptist could speak the truth.  Also amusing that the Baptist minister is pretty insulting towards the Catholic church.  So, if you are Baptist or Catholic, reading the full article may be pretty annoying.  I am glad that at least the CoC guy is only bashing one group in this article.  Can’t take credit for the Catholic-bashing this time. Sectarianism at its worst.

A Baptist’s View of Christmas, by Larry Ray Hafley of Pekin, Illinois, 1987)

Quotes by Baptist minister:

What follows below is an example. In a day when some churches of Christ have all but taken up Christmas, it is provoking to see a Baptist assail this sacred icon of denominationalism. Mr. Camp does so with plainness and vigor.

Christ does not celebrate Christmas, and he did not command his people to do so.

If you look for me December 25, I plan to be in my study, cleaning and lubricating the printing press, cleaning the office and doing some needed trim work.

Quotes by Mr. Hafley

I, too, am sure that Christ is not a Catholic, hence, does not go to mass. But neither is he a Baptist. He does not, therefore, attend the Baptist church, whether it be Southern, Missionary, Primitive or Free Will. A search for such institutions in the Bible will be fruitless.

But let us not detract from the impact of Baptist Camp’s words regarding Christmas. Some brethren need to act more like they know the truth on Christmas. It is amazing that a Baptist can sound a stronger warning about the error of Christmas than can the Gospel Advocate. If liberal brethren would follow Camp’s example and go to their study on December 25, instead of promoting holiday themes and organizing “Christmas sings,” they might learn the truth, too.

If you can make sense of either of these men’s arguments, help me out.


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