Proverbs for Politicians

whoever spreads slander is a fool

Proverbs 10:18b


A Goldendoodle Named Benji

We have been enjoying our puppy these last few months.  He’s almost 7 months and 30lbs but still very much a puppy.  He provides lots of joy and laughter.  And it is definitely similar to having a third baby/child. He was four months when we got him, so not tiny but definitely comparable to a toddler, like a very fast toddler with big teeth who likes to chew on stuff like underwear and shoes.

Here are some connections:

  • Not since our children were little have I been so concerned about another being’s bowel movements
  • We have to be careful where we leave stuff and closing doors, etc.  We learned that our home wasn’t doggy-proof. He has eaten some pens but hasn’t destroyed any shoes yet.
  • The puppy wants/needs attention, he is very extroverted, like my daughter.  He will howl, whine, and moan even if he is left alone upstairs for too long. He loves strangers, will bark when he sees people riding/walking down the street and jumps on everyone.  We are working on that.

Some other puppy facts:

  • He likes to get on our bed and bark at himself in the mirror.
  • My girl calls him furball and talks baby talk to him all the time
  • I like to call him Schmuppy
  • He does occasionally sleep on the bed with us
  • He knows when we are about to put him in the laundry room when we all leave, so he goes and slouches on his pillow, goes limp
  • He manages to destroy most toys within a day or two of getting them (at least can get the squeaker out)
  • his favorite human is my wife.  Definitely his momma.

Favorite Lyrics

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from various secular songs.  Can you identify the song?

“Your head upon the pillow, like a sleepy golden storm.” and in same song “But let’s not talk of love or chains, and things we can’t untie….”

“Flame on! I’m gone, I’m so sweet like a nice Bon-Bon, Came out rappin’ when I was born, mom said rock it til the break of dawn”

“Desperate for changing Starving for truth”


For complete songs that are perfectly written from beginning to end I would have to include:

  • The Way You Do the Things You
  • It Only Hurts Me When I Cry


What are some of your favorite song lyrics?