Presidential Trivia and my Son

My boy has a new obsession and I couldn’t be prouder.  Although I doubt he has given up his Hess Truck hobby, the latest thing is Facts about Presidents.  He continues to try and “stump” me with trivia questions of stuff he learns in school or reads about. It seems most of the answers are Woodrow Wilson, since his Elementary school is named for that President.

A wonderful coincidence occurred when at a friends house he saw an electronic game with all the presidents on the front and a button for each.  You can push the button and then push a separate button that gives info about VPs, home state, facts, etc.  Plus it has a True and False trivia mode.  The family said they had borrowed it and their kids had no interest so they let Sam bring it home.  He is hooked.

He also learned that one of Franklin Roosevelt’s VPs is a distant relative on mom’s side of the family.

I do want to make clear one thing.  My joy is not in hoping my son will one day be in the White House.  That’s not a dream I have.  But I would love from him to appear on Jeopardy some day.

I saw a book about presidential trivia at the bookstore over the weekend. It looked interesting enough and I though my boy would love it so I went back to buy it.  But as I surveyed the facts they were mostly salacious.

“Which president killed a man?”

“Which president broke his arm from jumping out of his mistress’s window?”

“Which president fathered an illegitimate son months before taking office?”

Sigh.  Not the book I want for my son.  And the sad realization that some things never change.

So much for the godly, upright spiritual leaders of yesteryear.


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