Sweating the Small Stuff

I do.  At least I “sweat” forgetting the small stuff.  I get annoyed with myself and life when I forget all the little things that fill up my day.

Either I have ADD or am just too busy.  But I think I need to start by not getting annoyed/upset when I do neglect things that aren’t so important.  When younger and less burdened with responsibility, I could keep track of my life much more easily.

My To-Do list has lots of clutter. I gripe about it but most of it includes things that need to be done.  I am sure there could be some more delegation.

I keep forgetting to adjust the timer on the parking lot lights.  When I did remember.  I didn’t do it right.  No lights.  So I tried again.  Still no lights.  Then 5 days passed.

I have a mess of receipts I need to be reimbursed for.  Fortunately, they were on the credit card so it’s not due yet, but getting close.

I am bad at returning phone calls, especially to non-members.

Having two offices is frustrating.  Some things are at the building.  Some at home.

And don’t get me started on what I remember and what I forget to include in the bulletin.

I am going to try and do better.  Try and remember what’s important. Do what I can.  Not beat myself up.

What I need from my friends is prayer for the other people in my life who might be affected by my forgetfulness.

None of them are mean to me.  I am usually harsher on myself than others are.  But my attempt at peace might look like apathy or laziness to others.  I don’t want to beat myself up in attempt to prove to others that I care.

But as I strive to live in peace, I don’t want to create unnecessary turmoil for others. But I do hope to teach by example that some things aren’t so important.

PS-don’t suggest organizational methods, books, software.  I have attempted many of them.  The problem is me.

Be Free For God

I have such a need
of such a clearance
as the Savior effected in the temple of Jerusalem
a riddance of clutter
of what is secondary
that blocks the way
to the all-important central emptiness
which is filled
with the presence of God alone.

-Jean Danielou


2 thoughts on “Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. Dede Rothermel

    So, I’m not a parent, nor do I have a real job. I’ve been told many times that this means that in comparison, my life is very simple (and I generally believe that).

    But, sweating the small stuff… and then trying not to sweat the small stuff as much… and then worrying that people think I dont care…and then cycling back to sweating the small stuff, these have been continuous and major sources of stress for me (and so I can’t imagine what life will be like when things “actually get challenging”. I’m am more then a little worried, an emotion that feeds the vicious cycle!).

    Great post!

  2. Brian, take this weigh as much love as it is intended, and forgive my late-night lack of tact.

    You’re not a one-man band.
    You’re not supposed to be a one-man band.
    Find a few dependable people and parcel out things like the bulletin.
    Get a congregational bank card so you can stop risking your own credit and creating more stress for yourself.

    Ministry is hard enough without trying to be an office manager and NPO director.

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