Christian Parenting FAIL

First, my girl:

In the middle of our once a month singing service, she came to me and asked, “Are you going to preach today?”

When I replied, “no,” her face lit up and she rejoiced as if I had said we were going to Chuck E Cheese.

And my son:

He has had an alarm clock in his room this school year (hasn’t really helped) and the clearest radio station is a Christian one.  Not Chris Tomlin or Casting Crowns, but choirs and KJV readings.  We are trying to avoid the news as much as bad music.

One morning my boy complained, “why is my radio always playing Jesus music in the morning?”



3 thoughts on “Christian Parenting FAIL

  1. Look at Bible parents, and their track record isn’t always good either: David, Hezekiah, Samuel… This is supposed to be encouraging. Remember, be faithful and keep praying, but your children will make their own choices. Hopefully they will be Godly choices.

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